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Neumann NDH 20 Closed-Back Studio Headphones

High-quality closed-back studio headphones with straight and coiled cables, headphone adapter, and carry pouch


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Meet the NDH 20

Neumann’s first addition to the headphone market was met with high expectations due to their consistent ability to release equipment of high quality, both in materials and sound. This is true of their microphones, their studio monitors, and now their headphones as well. The NDH 20s are a closed back pair of headphones that provide the top tier quality of sound that Neumann is famous for. Their extreme isolation renders them perfect for tracking and editing, and their linear sound balance also found in Neumann monitors make them a perfect tool while mixing.

NDH 20 In One Take:

  • Heavy isolation.
  • Closed back.
  • Foldable.
  • Two detachable cables.
  • Custom 1.5” drivers.
  • Steel headband.
  • Lightweight aluminum ear cup.
  • Soft cloth bag included.

The Drivers

The drivers are derivative of Sennheiser drivers but altered to fit the Neumann philosophy of sound. They are an original design custom made for the NDH 20s, providing a linear and well balanced sound image. Made from high-gauss neodymium magnets, The NDH 20s ensure both high sensitivity and minimized distortion. So not only are these headphones great for tracking and editing, since they offer astounding high quality with no coloration, they are even marketed for mixing. The drivers also provide beautiful midrange, which is a very hard thing to accomplish with a closed back design.

Setting the Bar High

Neumann has been providing audio engineers some of the best audio equipment the world has to offer for almost a century now. After being established and respected for decades, the release of their very first ever headphones exceeded the Neumann bar of quality. Not only have all of the sonic expectations been met, but the design was undoubtedly made with the user in mind. Not only is the sound itself of the NDH 20s never fatiguing, but there is also memory foam inside the ear cups, providing usage for long sessions without them ever becoming uncomfortable. With all these extreme features of high-quality equipment and a price point within reach for most engineers, it is a versatile, studio essential.