Nautilus Master Technology NEMO DMC-8 Monitor Controller (Steve Firlotte and John Vestman original design)

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This unit comes from Nautilus company owner John Vestman’s personal studio. Please note this is an original prototype unit, and as such is unserialized.

One of the best sounding discrete Class-A monitor controllers ever made!
It’s time to really hear the image and detail you’ve been missing. Perfect for a Digital workstation monitor output or to upgrade any full-featured console. This box out-performed a classic vintage Neve monitor buss in a major studio shoot-out (the mixing engineer bought one of these units). This device is the only one of it’s kind with level-matching trim/gain controls, VU METERS with selectable sensitivity, and discrete Class-A analog definition. Every mastering engineer uses VU METERS – shouldn’t you? A custom production run of mastering-studio quality NEMO DMC-8’s was designed and built by Steve Firlotte in Los Angeles. His classic tube and discrete designs are found in a multitude of studios, used by the biggest names in the studio-industry.

This monitor controller won an EQ MAGAZINE award for exceptional quality. The reviewer, Mitch Gallagher, said, “I feel like my monitor system had undergone an upgrade. It sounds that good.” Built rock solid, the features work flawlessly in any recording or mastering studio.
This is a manufacturer’s stand-by B-Stock demo unit, and has no actual first owner. MIX MAGAZINE reviewer, Erik Zobler, said, “The DMC-8 showed me a more accurate picture of my mix.” TAPE OP MAGAZINE reviewer, Andy Hong, said, “How does the NEMO sound? Impeccable… enlightening… provided immediate feedback on how to balance my mix.”This is not just a source-switcher, but a creative tool that can increase your sonic perspective so your mixes translate more accurately across all systems.


• Retro VU meters with a real visual “feel” for the sound (unlike LED metering).

• Four-position meter sensitivity select switch to prevent “slammed” meters – gives a better perspective for the dynamic elements in mixing, and absolutely essential for mastering applications.

• Stereo buss XLR transformerless differential balanced input with two Stereo buss THRU-to-MIX XLR outputs.

• 2 XLR transformerless glanced inputs with level matching source stereo trim pots to level match with your stereo source• One stereo RCA input with level matching stereo gain/trim pot for easy connection to a CD player or other unbalanced source• RCA-THRU XLR output to send to other device.

• Stereo Speaker B input with level-adjustment pot so switching to another set of speakers doesn’t require a change of the master level control.• MONO, MUTE and speaker DIM select buttons, with stereo level control for DIM setting.• DIM LOGIC rear output jack for either a hand-held remote dim button or DIM control via a talkback trigger.

• Source-Select transformer balanced XLR output to feed headphone system or other external system (studio monitors, perhaps). Whatever source you select on the front panel is sent to this output (outboard level control required to control the external  device’s volume)

• No signal degradation due to long cable lengths as found in “passive” devices

• Built-in strain-relief on the rear panel designed for the high-end audiophile power cable that is included in the unitThis unit was built years ago, but kept in the manufacturer’s stock room and used briefly as a demo unit, so it has no actual original owner. All features, components, lights and switches work, checked over to spec recently by Steve Firlotte. This unit uses the SPA 690 discrete blocks, so it’s “character” is clean, open and wide. Does not feature a powered headphone output, but the SOURCE SELECT XLR outputs are designed to feed your headphone amp. Does not feature a talkback, but it does have a DIM LOGIC phono output jack on the back to dim your monitor level when you use an external talkback trigger.
When you own this unit, you may decide to shop D-to-A converters because cheap monitor circuits mask the actual audio differences in your system. This unit out-performs any chip-based circuit because there are NO CHIPS in the audio path. NO cheap surface-mount parts anywhere. This unit’s heritage comes from several other custom monitor controllers built by Firlotte for recording and mastering studios with major hit-record success. It comes with a 1-year warrantee on parts and labor (so long as unit displays no abuse, liquid spills, component tampering, etc.).Includes the original Virtual Dynamics high-end power cable (cable’s original list price was $345.00). The NEMO has a built-in strain-relief on the back panel designed to hold this heavy duty cable at any angle.
The original printed manual is included. Light rack-rash and minor appearance blemishes, but the components are perfect and the sound is unstoppable. Never question the highs/mids/lows/balance of your mix again. Instantly level-match and A/B your mix, mastering style, with any 2-track source (or commercial recording) so you hear exactly how your sound matches up.
You will want to take note of the kind of interconnect cables you use to hook up your gear with this device, because you can hear the difference in the way cables sound. Ask Bernie Grundman or Bob Ludwig or Sterling Sound if they use (better than Mogami) high-end audio and power cables (they do). This unit originally listed at $3,500. It won shoot-outs and became prized gear for major professionals like Rob Fraboni (, , , , , , , and , Vice President at ), Phil Harding (British producer artists include , , , , ) and Scott Gordon (Aerosmith, Chaka Khan, Davis Crosby, Ringo, ), who each endorsed and purchased these units for daily use.


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