Mackie ProFX4v2 Live Sound Mixer


Professional 4 Channel Mixer with Effects

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Mackie ProFX4v2 is a 4-channel (2 mono/1 stereo) live sound mixer with four ultra low-noise Vita preamps, and16 floating-point DSP effects, and 2×2 USB interface

Mackie certainly knows their way around a mixer, but that doesn’t stop them from continually upping their game, as evidenced by the ProFXv2 series of live sound mixers. Designed for solo and duo performers, the ProFX4v2 features two of Mackie’s latest virtually noiseless Vita preamps, designed for the wide and often unpredictable dynamics of live sound. The ProFX4v2 is outfitted with the extremely powerful, floating-point DSP-based ReadyFX effects engine, with 16 live-sound enhancing presets. The ProFX4v2 also features a sound-reinforcement toolkit that includes a graphic equalizer for “ringing out the room” and flexible I/O. And of course, all of the ProFX4v2’s goodies come housed in Mackie’s famed bulletproof steel chassis for years of reliable performance when the show must go on—with stellar sound quality. Mackie ProFXv2 mixers put the “live” in live sound mixing.

Mackie ProFX4v2 live sound mixer in one take:

  • Virtually noiseless Vita™ preamps
  • Floating-point ReadyFX™ DSP effects engine
  • Live-sound toolkit

Vita Preamps

Specifically designed for live sound and virtually noiseless, Vita preamps feature a discrete, Class-A front-end design, dual feedback stabilization, and bias current optimization for low-noise performance in the realm of Johnson noise (the self-noise of the components themselves).

ReadyFX Engine

The ProFX4v2 features all-new ReadyFX effects engine employs floating-point DSP, which offers high-precision and wide dynamic range. The 16 effects found in the ProFX4v2 are specifically created for critically accurate processing of high-quality audio. The precision of floating-point processing results in rich, inspiring and performance-enhancing effects.

Live-mixing toolkit

Each ProFXv2 model is outfitted with a features live-sound engineers rely on for audience-inspiring shows, such as multi-band graphic equalization, and smart features, including channel inserts and foot-switchable FX mute—ProFXv2 has the tools you need.

Mackie ProFX4v2 live sound mixer key features:

  • 2 extremely low-noise Mackie Vita™ mic preamps designed to add life to any input
  • All-new ReadyFX™ effects engine with 16 great-sounding effects like reverbs, delays and choruses
  • 5-band graphic EQ for tuning mains or monitors
  • Aux output perfect for driving a monitor mix
  • 2-band EQ (80Hz and 12kHz) on all channels
  • Directly connect guitar, bass and other instruments via Hi-Z input
  • 100Hz low-cut filter and 48V phantom power on all mic channels
  • Stereo RCA tape I/O with input level control
  • Headphone output with separate level control
  • Legendary Mackie “Built-Like-A-Tank” design
  • Solid steel chassis protects your investment
  • Tough ABS side protection

The Mackie ProFX4v2 mixer is a comprehensive sound-reinforcement solution that delivers both creative and practical tools for live-sound performance. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


Mackie ProFX4v2 specifications:

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)

(150 ohm source impedance 20Hz-20kHz)

  • Mic into Insert Send out max gain: -128dBu

Residual output noise

  • All outputs, master levels off, all channel levels off: -95dBu

All outputs, master levels unity, one channel level unity: -85dBu

 Frequency response

  • Mic input to any output (gain at unity +0dB/-1dB): 20Hz to 40kHz

 Distortion (THD+N)

(22Hz – 80kHz bandwidth)

  • Mic in to Main out (+4dBu output): <0.01%

Attenuation and crosstalk

  • Adjacent Inputs @ 1kHz: -80dBu
  • Inputs to Outputs @ 1kHz: -80dBu
  • Fader Off @ 1kHz: -80dBu

Common Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR)

  • Mic in to Main out, max gain, 1kHz: 70dB

Maximum Levels

  • All inputs: +22dBu
  • Main Out XLR:+22dBu
  • All other outputs: +22dBu


  • Mic in: 3.8k ohm
  • All other inputs: ≥20k ohm
  • Tape out: 1k ohm
  • Phones out: 25 ohm
  • All other outputs: 120 ohm (unbalanced); 240 ohm (balanced)


  • Low: ±15 dB @ 80Hz
  • High: ±15 dB @ 12kHz
  • Low Cut Filter: 18dB/octave @ 100Hz

Maximum Voltage Gain (EQ Flat)

Mic Input Channel to:

  • Insert Output: 50dB
  • Tape Output: 60dB
  • 1/4″ Main Output: 70dB
  • Monitor Send: 76dB
  • FX Send: 75dB

Mono Line Input Channel to:

  • Tape Output: 40dB
  • Monitor Send: 56dB
  • FX Send: 55dB

Stereo Line Input Channel to:

  • Tape Output: 30dB
  • Monitor Send: 46dB
  • FX Send: 45dB

Tape Input to:

  • XLR Main Output: 30dB

 Digital Effects

  • I/O: Mono input, stereo output:
  • of presets: 16


  • Main L/R Mix
  • Two columns of 12 segments each: OL (+20dBu), +15, +10, +6, +3, 0 (0dBu), –2, –4, –7, –10, –20, –30

Graphic EQ 

  • Frequency centers: 80, 250, 800, 2.5k, 8k
  • Gain: ±15dB
  • Assignable to main or monitor, bypass-able

Phantom Power 

  • +48V DC (to all mic channels simultaneously)

AC Power Requirements 

  • Class I hard-wired wall wart: 12VDC @ 1.5A

Physical Dimensions and Weight 

  • Dims: (H x W x W): 2-29/32″ x 8-11/16″ x 10-3/32″ (73 x 220 x 256 mm)
  • Weight: 3.2 lb. (1.4 kg)

Additional information

Weight 82 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 28 x 29 in
500 Series Compatible




Fader Type


Aux Sends / Returns

2 sends

Buses & Routing


Mic Input #


Channel #


Built-In Effects



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