Mackie HR624mk2 6-in 2-way High Resolution Studio Monitor

6.7″  active monitor with 100W LF / 40W HF bi-amplification



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THX™ pm3™-approved, 6.7″, high-resolution active monitor with 100W LF / 40W HF bi-amplification, room compensation EQ, and speaker protection

The Mackie HR624 MK2 is an example of what happens when people don’t listen to the old cliche, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Ignoring that phrase is what we call, progress. Of course, in pro audio, not all new products are improvements over the old, but when they are, it’s something to talk about, which brings us to the next generation of Mackie HR series monitors, in particular the HR624 MK2 and HR824 MK2 studio monitors. An already excellent studio monitor, Mackie tapped their loudspeaker and transducer design gurus at EAW, the leader in line array speaker innovation to see if they could improve the HR series. Here’s what they came up with:

Mackie HR624 MK2 enhanced features:

  • Redesigned front baffle with rounder aluminum construction to further reduce edge diffraction for improved imaging
  • Increased cabinet volume improves the low-frequency response.
  • Re-voiced amplifiers adjusted to match the increased cabinet volume
  • Built with modern components for improved accuracy

It’s important to note that if you’re looking to upgrade from your Mackie HR624s to the HR624 MK2, the amplification is fundamentally the same, with similar characteristics to the original, which mean that you won’t have to relearn the sound of the HR624 MK2s. But you will have to get used to the improved spatial imaging, clarity, and ultra linear frequency response, which won’t be difficult. The HR624 MK2 Studio Monitors are also loaded with unique controls that allow you to fine-tune the sound to match your environment. For even greater flexibility, the HR624 MK2s are THX pm3 certified.


The HR624 MK2 active studio monitors feature two-way bi-amplification with a 100-watt low-frequency amplification (continuous before clipping), and a 40-watt continuous high-frequency amplifier. The HR624 MK2 uses a 6th-order Butterworth system with a built-in rear-firing mass-loaded passive radiator. The crossover point is designed so that the high- and low-frequency drivers are fed only the frequencies they are best able to reproduce.

HR624 MK2 power amplifiers

The amplifiers of the HR624 are designed to provide maximum acoustic output from the speakers, yet minimize the danger of speaker damage due to overdriving. In addition, the amplifiers’ gain and frequency responses are individually hand-trimmed to compensate for typical manufacturing tolerances between the drivers and produce a smooth frequency response from 45Hz to 20kHz. Another sound enhancing feature is the length of the connecting wires between amplifier outputs and drives. The connecting wires are kept

to an absolute minimum, so the damping factor of the amplifier isn’t compromised by the resistance of long speaker cables. The acoustic sum of the outputs from the two drivers is optimized electronically, as well as physically, so the amplitude response is at unity and the phase difference is minimal. In essence, all of the complex interconnected components in the system are designed to work harmoniously in order to produce the best possible sound.

  HR624 MK2 transducers

The HR624 MK2 monitors feature a 6-11/16″ high-precision, low-distortion woofer, a 1″ ferro-fluid cooled titanium dome tweeter on the front, and 6″ x 9″ elliptical, flat-piston passive radiator in the back. The high-frequency driver is mounted on a massive, acoustically non-resonant die-cast aluminum exponential waveguide, which results in wide, controlled dispersion of high-frequency sounds. The unique passive radiator design provides a smooth response down to 45Hz, which is quite an amazing accomplishment for a cabinet of this size. Because the radiator is producing most of the sound at the lowest frequencies, there is very little distortion from the woofer since its cone movement is minimal at those frequencies.


The cabinet of the HR624 MK2 features elegant piano-black gloss finish, which demonstrates that these studio monitors as pleasing to the most discerning eye as well as the most discerning ear. Among the unique features of the HR624 MK2 cabinet is the front-panel Mackie “running man” logo which can be rotated to always face upward whether the cabinet is oriented horizontally or vertically. The front-panel power switch and ring turns the monitor on and off. The surrounding ring illuminates white to indicate power, and red when the input is overloaded.

The HR624 MK2’s rear panel has XLR, ¼” TRS, and RCA input jacks. An input sensitivity control adjusts the overall signal level of the input. The HR624 MK2 has room treatment controls including, Acoustic Space, which adjusts the low-frequency response to compensate for room placement; Low Frequency Filter, which inserts a low-frequency roll-off into the response curve at 80Hz; and High Frequency Filter, which boosts or cuts HF output by 2dB starting at 10kHz. The rear panel also has a Power Mode control. When “auto on” is engaged, the unit goes into standby when no signal is present and comes out of standby when signal is present. And finally, the rear panel has an IEC power connector and selector for international use.

The cabinet itself is made of MDF with internal bracing that increases the strength and rigidity (stiffness) of the box. The increased rigidity and strength of the cabinet, prevents it from engaging with low frequencies when volume increases. An open-cell adiabatic foam material fills the inside of the box to absorb internal reflections and dampen standing waves. Mounting hardware is installed on the bottom of the cabinet that fits the WB-60 Omni Mount.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade you current Mackie HR series monitor, or upgrade your monitoring in general, the Mackie HR624 MK2 is an excellent place to start. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.


Mackie HR624 MK2 Specifications:

 Low-frequency driver:

  • Diameter:
 6.7″ (170mm)
  • Sensitivity (2.83V, 1 m):
89dB SPL
  • Nominal Impedance:
4 ohm
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.25″ (32mm)
  • Power Handling (Long Term/Program): 50/150 watts
  • Frequency Range: 45Hz to 6kHz
  • Frame:
Die-cast magnesium
  • Magnet: Ferrite
  • Fully shielded: Ferrite opposing magnet

High-frequency driver:

  • Sensitivity (2.83V, 1m): 91dB SPL
  • Nominal Impedance: 6 ohm
  • Power Handling (Long Term/Program): 20/50 watts
  • Frequency Range: 1.6kHz to 22kHz
  • Diaphragm/Suspension: Titanium with polymer suspension
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.0 inch (25.4mm)
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Bucking Magnet: Ferrite opposing magnet
  • Passive Radiator:
6-inch x 9-inch (152mm x 228mm) mass-loaded elliptical flat piston with variable thickness filleted edge rubber surround

 Crossover Section

  • Crossover Type:
 Modified Linkwitz-Riley, 24dB/octave @ 3kHz

Low-frequency power amplifier

  • Rated Power (at 1kHz with 1% THD): 100 watts
  • Rated Load Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Rated THD (1W to –1 dB of rated power): 0.1 %
  • Slew Rate: 15V/μS
  • Distortion (THD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100): < 0.035%
  • Signal-to-Noise: (20Hz-20kHz, un-weighted, referenced to 100W into 4 ohm: > 101dB
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Design: Monolithic IC, Class AB, Parametric Servo Feedback

High-frequency power amplifier

  • Rated Power (at 1kHz with 1% THD): 40 watts
  • Rated Load Impedance: 6 ohms
  • Rated THD (1W to –1dB of rated power): 0.1 %
  • Slew Rate: 15V/μS
  • Distortion (THD, SMPTE IMD, DIM 100): < 0.035%
  • Signal-to-Noise: (20Hz-20kHz, unweighted, referenced to 40W into 8 ohm): > 93dB
  • Cooling: Convection
  • Design: Monolithic IC, Conventional Class AB

System Specifications

  • Input Type: Balanced differential (XLR and 1/4″ TRS) unbalanced (RCA)
  • Input Impedance: 20k ohm balanced; 10k ohm unbalanced
  • Input Protection:
RFI and Level Protected
  • Maximum Input Level: +20dBu
  • Low Frequency Filter: 80Hz, 2nd order, Butterworth
  • HF Equalization: Shelving ±2dB @ 10kHz
  • Acoustic Space:
  • A position: –4 dB @ 50Hz, shelving
  • B position: –2 dB @ 50Hz, shelving
  • C position: Flat
  • Compressor: Independent high and low frequency overload detection
  • Enclosure Alignment: 6th order
  • Over Excursion Prevention: 2nd-order high-pass filter
  • Low Line Voltage Shut Down: 60% of nominal line
  • Thermal Protection: Amplifier shut-down, auto reset
  • Muting: 5 seconds at turn-on
  • Signal Sense Threshold: –74dBu (0.155mV)
  • Driver Protection: Independent LF and HF detection overall compression

 Acoustic Section

  • Free-Field Frequency Response: ±1.5dB, 49Hz to 20kHz
  • Lower cutoff frequency: –3dB @ 45Hz
  • Upper cutoff frequency: –3dB @ 22kHz
  • SPL at 1 meter, –7.5dBu into balanced input: 100dB SPL @ 1m
  • Maximum peak SPL per pair: 115dB SPL @ 1m
  • Maximum short term SPL on axis, half space 80Hz-2.5kHz: 106dB SPL @ 1m
  • Residual noise (max gain, 600 ohm source, 20Hz-20kHz bandwidth): < 8dB SPL @ 1m

 Rated Line Voltage and Power:

  • Power consumption:
  • Standby mode: 12 watts
  • Quiescent (idle): 20 watts
  • Musical Program, Loud mix: 105 watts
  • US: 120 VAC, 60Hz
  • Europe: 240 VAC, 50Hz
  • Korea: 220 VAC, 60Hz
  • Japan: 100 V, 50-60Hz
  • Rated Power (For UL-6500, CSA-E65-94, EN-60065): 150 watts


  • Height: 13-3/32″/33.3 cm
  • Width: 8-19/32″/21.9 cm
  • Depth Enclosure: 10-5/16″/26.2 cm
  • Depth Overall: 12-19/32″/31.9 cm
  • Internal Volume: 0.29 cubic feet (8.2 liters)
  • Weight: 23.4 lb./10.6 kg



Additional information

Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 14 × 15 in

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