Looptrotter SAT 500 Solid State Saturation Module


500 Series Solid-State Saturation Module

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Warm saturation and dynamics processing

Founded in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland, Looptrotter Audio has since brought to market an arsenal of high-quality outboard gear for analog saturation and dynamics processing. Their SATUR line of analog saturation units uses solid state discrete class-A circuitry to endow audio with pleasing analog saturation, warmth and when desired, attitude. Looptrotter’s founder, Andrzej Starzyk, has been obsessively designing and building audio electronics since the age of 16, and his passion for high-quality audio shines through in his company’s designs.

Looptrotter SAT 500 in one take:

  • A saturation module in 500 series format using Looptrotter’s world-famous solid state saturation circuit
  • Makes audio sound warmer by adding pleasing harmonics and reducing peaks slightly
  • Lo Safe option prevents the lowest frequencies from distorting, perfect for low-frequency instruments like bass or kick drum
  • Band Split option only saturates the low frequencies, which is perfect for thickening sounds without the audible saturation of high frequencies

The Perfect Saturation

The Looptrotter SAT 500 does one thing, but it does it very well: saturate audio. Using Looptrotter’s famous solid-state saturation circuit, the SAT 500 makes audio sound warmer and fuller, by adding pleasing harmonics and applying slight peak reduction. This 500 series module is a fantastic addition to any console, as a simple way to add beautiful analog color and warmth to any audio source.

Simple Controls, Complex Results

The main control is quite obvious, a simple Drive knob that controls the amount of saturation. Less expected, but extremely useful are the Lo Safe and Band Split options, which allow you to choose to only saturate certain frequencies. The Lo Safe option prevents the lowest frequencies from distortion, which is especially useful in the case of instruments with lots of low frequencies like bass or kick drum. It can also be desirable when saturating a whole mix. The Band Split option, on the other hand, excludes the frequencies above a certain point from saturation. This option is perfect for thickening the sound of instruments without audible saturation of the high frequencies. You can choose from three frequency division points, 800Hz, 2kHz, and 6kHz. The SAT 500 features independent Dry and Wet output level knobs allow you to achieve the perfect blend between the processed and dry signal.

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