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Krotos Everything Bundle 2


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Get Everything from Krotos!

The Krotos Everything Bundle 2 combines Krotos’ full plugin catalog with the complete Krotos sound library collection. It delivers the most content and best value bundle Krotos has ever produced.

  • Total Sound Assets: 29,963
  • Total File Size of Sound Assets: 121 GB
  • Weaponiser Presets: 954
  • Reformer Pro Sound Packs: 95
  • Igniter Presets: 284
  • Dehumaniser Presets: 203
  • Dehumaniser Simple Monsters Presets: 36
  • Concept 2 Presets: 742
  • Simple Concept Presets: 100

Equip your studio with the world’s most powerful sound design software and sound effects packages that will allow you to design and perform your own unique sound effects, without restrictions, while injecting more fun into the process.

The Full Krotos Sound Design Software Package

Krotos Everything Bundle 2 includes the complete Krotos software line: Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Dehumaniser 2, Dehumaniser Simple Monsters, Igniter Full Tank, Concept 2, and Simple Concept. Offering flexible, intuitive, and efficient workflows for sound design, audio post-production, and game-audio applications.

Streamline your process and discover new approaches for designing any sound effect including – but not limited to – creatures, animals, weapons, textures, vehicles, Foley, synthesis, and other unique sound effects – advancing creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix.

The Complete Krotos SFX Library Range Included

Krotos’s collection of professionally recorded and designed libraries contains a comprehensive mix of assets. Clothes & materials Foley volumes 1 and 2, electronics, elements, rocks, surfaces, and mechanical sound effects libraries for Reformer Pro. Ammo & reloads, battle, explosions, mechanical, and futurism sound effects libraries for Weaponiser. All the sound assets in these libraries are also provided as separate zip files. Plus, the standalone Krotos starter, baby tigers, otters, and parrots sound effects libraries!

Krotos Everything Bundle 2 gets you 30% off the individual prices – the best way to purchase the full Krotos software and SFX library range all-in-one!

Software Included:

  • Weaponiser Fully Loaded

Experience the advanced dynamic asset creation plugin for layering, variations, and weapon sound design. Your Weaponiser Libraries can be easily imported, stacked & sequenced for a transformed workflow.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded is packed with 6,437 sound assets, 8.89 GB in size and features 561 Weaponiser presets.

  • Reformer Pro

Discover a new approach to designing textures with the award-winning and patented technology that lets you design, automate, and perform sound effects in real-time. It utilizes the world’s first Dynamic Input.

Reformer Pro is packed with 1,167 sound assets, 2 GB in size and features 11 Reformer Pro sound packs.

  • Igniter Full Tank

Igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle sounds with ease – a complete system that brings a dynamic and performable approach to vehicle sound design for the first time.

Igniter Full Tank is packed with 2,689 sound assets, 70.84 GB in size and features 284 Igniter presets.

  • Dehumaniser 2

In essence, Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processor, perfect for designing a huge range of complex vocal sound effects. Dehumaniser allows you to jump right into your creative work and easily produce creatures, monsters, robots, and other extreme vocal sound effects by using over 200 presets.

Dehumaniser 2 is packed with 130 sound assets and features 203 Dehumaniser 2 presets.

  • Dehumaniser Simple Monsters

Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is the fastest and easiest way to create extreme vocal effects for movies, music, games and animation.

Dehumaniser Simple Monsters is packed with 47 sound assets and features 36 Dehumaniser Simple Monsters presets.

  • Concept 2

Explore intuitive drag & drop modulation and a swift patch-building workflow for cinematic effects, composition, and music with the first Krotos soft-synth, Concept!

Concept 2 is packed with 504 sound assets, 1 GB in size and features 742 Concept 2 presets.

  • Simple Concept

Simple Concept is an interactive and easy to use soft-synth powered by Krotos’ Concept synth engine, wrapped into a compact interface. With a simple workflow and a user-friendly set of controls, Simple Concept lets you focus on your music.

Simple Concept is packed with 161 sound assets, 281 MB in size and features 100 Simple Concept presets.

SFX Libraries Included:

SFX Libraries with Reformer Pro Integration

  • Clothes & Materials Foley Sound Effects Library Vol. 1
    361 Sound Assets
    0.884 GB Size
    16 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • Clothes & Materials Foley Sound Effects Library Vol. 2
    460 Sound Assets
    3.55 GB Size
    34 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • Electronics Sound Effects Library
    104 Sound Assets
    0.194 GB Size
    4 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • Elements Sound Effects Library
    1,131 Sound Assets
    3.92 GB Size
    4 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • Rocks Sound Effects Library
    54 Sound Assets
    0.669 GB Size
    3 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
  • Surfaces Sound Effects Library
    398 Sound Assets
    3.57 GB Size
    3 Reformer Pro Sound Packs

SFX Libraries with Reformer Pro and Weaponiser Integration

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Library Vol. 1
    1,398 Sound Assets
    3.63 GB Size
    20 Reformer Pro Sound Packs
    50 Weaponiser Presets

SFX Libraries with Weaponiser Integration

  • Ammo & Reloads Sound Effects Library
    3,261 Sound Assets
    1.4 GB Size
    143 Weaponiser Presets
  • Battle Sound Effects Library
    5,952 Sound Assets
    2.75 GB Size
    85 Weaponiser Presets
  • Explosions Sound Effects Library
    388 Sound Assets
    3.8 GB Size
    29 Weaponiser Presets
  • Futurism Sound Effects Library
    1,103 Sound Assets
    3.2 GB Size
    86 Weaponiser Presets

Standalone SFX Libraries

  • Krotos Starter Sound Effects Library
    3,956 Sound Assets
    10.5 GB Size
  • Baby Tigers Sound Library
    112 Sound Assets
    0.159 GB Size
  • Otters Sound Library
    49 Sound Assets
    0.033 GB Size
  • Parrots Sound Library
    101 Sound Assets
    0.087 GB Size

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