Krotos Dehumaniser Lite

Standalone Creature FX Sound Design Tool


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Simple, Standalone Interface, Huge, Monstrous Sound

Dehumaniser Lite is the standalone version of Krotos’ industry leading creature FX lab Dehumaniser 2. Featuring an inviting interface and 35 preset sounds to get you started, Dehumaniser Lite can transform any live or pre-recorded audio into a monstrous roar or robotic chirp! Use the interactive Radial Interface as an extra large XY pad, allowing you to morph between 6 different sounds or presets. The 5-band parametric equalizer allows you to shape the tone and character of your monster, while the built-in limiter will give you control over your output levels in case your roars become ferocious! Explore a wide range of creative creature effects with Dehumaniser Lite, and if you find yourself craving even more out-there effects in your DAW, enjoy 50% off when you upgrade to Dehumaniser Simple Monsters, or go all in and upgrade to the full Duhumaniser Pro Extended for just $100!


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