Korg TM-50 Black


Combo Tuner/Metronome w/Folding Stand – Black

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Tune up your ears along with your instrument with this multi-function tuner-metronome-ear training device—cool black finish

There’s no more important asset to a musician the well-trained ears, and the Korg TM-50 is an excellent musical training partner to help you refine your hearing and performance skills. This TM-50 is all you need for both pitch and rhythmic training, since it allows you to use the tuner and metronome simultaneously. A favorite learning tool for brass players as well as many other types of musicians, the Korg TM-50 features a bi-level back-light that enhances the visibility of the LCD display. It uses a newly designed needle-style LCD for excellent response, and even greater tuning accuracy. Though the TM-50 is an entry-level model, it provides the advanced Sound Back function that allows the speaker to generate a reference tone that’s closest to the input pitch, giving you a great way to develop and refine your pitch, making it an essential tool for violinists and players of other fretless instruments. Available in a choice of two colors, black or pearl white, the Korg TM-50 is your ever vigilant practice partner that will empower your musical skills and development as a performer.

KORG TM-50 Black Tuner-Metronome in one take:

  • Needle-style LCD meter with excellent response and wide detection range
  • Sound Out function helps you train and refine your pitch
  • Marks indicate pure major/minor third intervals
  • Fifteen rhythmic variations let you practice a broad range of musical styles
  • Easy tempo settings with two types of tempo step pattern plus tap tempo
  • Memory Backup and Auto power-off


 KORG TM-50 tuner functions

Needle-style LCD meter

As previously mentioned, the TM-50 is a favorite among wind and brass players, due to its extremely fast response, which allows the pitch to be accurately and instantly shown without any time lag. Wind players will no longer experience the problem of their pitch changing randomly before it can be displayed accurately. This feature ensures that you’ll be able to develop stable and drift-free pitch.

Also useful for orchestral instruments is the TM-50’s extremely wide detection range, extending from C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01Hz) which covers the note ranges of wind, string, and most other types of instruments. Even low-pitched instruments and overtone-rich instruments, notoriously the most difficult for tuners to read, can be tuned accurately thanks to Korg’s proprietary high-precision technology. The TM-50’s built-in, high-sensitivity mic also allows easy and accurate tuning of acoustic instruments such as guitar and ukulele.

The Sound Out function reference tone

 With the proliferation of clip-on tuners, the ability to match pitch is becoming a lost art, as musicians depend more on their sight to tune, rather than their ears. In addition to visual tuning via the meter, you can use the Sound Out function to produce a reference tone from the internal speaker or headphones, and tune by ear. You can specify the reference tone in a three-octave range from C3 (130.81 Hz) to C6 (1046.50 Hz) which covers a wide variety of instruments.

Previously only available on Korg’s high-end tuners, the proprietary Sound Out function turns the TM-50 into more than just a tuner. It also becomes an essential tool that helps you develop the ability to hear and produce the correct pitch. Detecting the pitch of your instrument, Sound Out plays the nearest reference tone from the speaker while the meter shows the pitch difference between your input and the reference tone. Since the pitch is indicated in both visual and audible form, this not only allows you to tune more accurately, but is also an ideal method for training your pitch. Developing your ear in this way is an indispensable way to practice, especially for beginner playing instruments who pitch is determined by ear, embouchure, and finger position on a fretless neck.

 Marks indicate pure major/minor third intervals

When performing in a brass band or orchestra, incorrect pitch is particularly noticeable for harmonic intervals of a third, yet by slightly skewing the pitch of a major or minor third interval from the equal-tempered pitch, you can obtain a more pure-sounding harmony that satisfies the ear. The meter scale of the TM-50 provides marks that indicate pure major and minor thirds relative to a given pitch; simply by tuning. When the needle aligns with the appropriate mark*, you’ll be able to produce beautiful harmony when playing in an ensemble. This is extremely convenient not only for wind instruments, but also for vocal or a cappella practice.

*When tuning to a pure major or minor third, the note that should be adjusted will depend on the music you’re playing.

KORG TM-50 Metronome functions:

 Fifteen rhythm variations let you practice a broad range of musical styles

 Fifteen types of rhythms are built in, including time signature numerators from 0 through 9, duplets, triplets, triplets without the center beat, quadruplets, quadruplets without the center beats. The tempo can be freely set in the range of 30 – 252 beats per minute. Sophisticated rhythms such as triplets and quadruplets with the center beats omitted* can be useful for a diverse variety of styles including classical, rock, and jazz. The volume can also be adjusted, so you’ll be able to use the metronome in any situation from personal practice in a small room to rehearsals in a studio.

*If you’re using the tuner and metronome simultaneously, triplets, triplets omitting the middle beat, quadruplets, and quadruplets omitting the center beats will not be available.

 Two types of tempo step patterns plus tap-tempo function

 When setting the tempo, you can choose either “pendulum steps” where the tempo will increase or decrease in the same numerical steps as on a mechanical metronome, or “full steps” which allows you to specify any tempo between 30 and 252 in one-step increments. In addition, you can also use the tap tempo input to specify the desired tempo simply by pressing a switch in time with the beat.

Memory backup and auto power-off

The TM-50 will remember your tempo, beat, rhythm, calibration, and reference tone settings even when you power off (these settings will be initialized when you replace the battery). The Auto Power-Off feature will automatically turn the TM-50 off if twenty minutes have elapsed without any sound being input to the tuner and the metronome is not running.

OUTSIDE THE BOX—KORG TM-50 Black Tuner-Metronome

Adjustable two-level backlit display for greater visibility

The TM-50 has a large, backlit LCD display that lets you adjust the brightness in two levels. In conjunction with the LED guide at the top of the display, this ensures excellent visibility, even when you’re performing on a dim stage or in an orchestra pit. The characters shown in the display are also larger for improved readability.

Compact and lightweight, available in two colors

 Even more compact and lightweight than previous models, you can choose either cool black or fresh pearl white. The TM-50 and also boasts longer battery life. Attention has been paid to every detail, even including the back cover, and a newly designed folding stand is provided for stability in a free-standing position. The new battery cover is now unified with the main case, eliminating the possibility of loss.

 Korg TM-50 Black full feature list:

  • The Tuner and metronome can be used simultaneously or independently; you can practice your pitch and rhythm at the same time
  • Newly designed highly responsive LCD needle-type meter
  • Wide detection range from C1 to C8
  • The Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speaker
  • The Sound Back function generates the reference tone that’s closest to the input sound, while the meter indicates the pitch discrepancy between the reference and the input sound – a great function for ear training!
  • Calibration supports a range of concert pitches
  • Marks indicate pure major and minor third intervals
  • A wide tempo range of 30-252 beats/minute
  • 15 rhythm variations let you practice with a broad range of musical styles.
  • Easy tempo settings with two types of tempo step patterns plus a tap tempo function
  • Large LCD with backlight brightness that’s adjustable over two levels for enhanced visibility
  • Even more compact and lightweight, with your choice of body color – black or pearl white
  • Newly designed stand and battery cover for enhanced usability
  • Memory Backup and Auto Power Off

 The Korg TM-50 goes far beyond simple tuning and metronomic functions, with the ability to tune your ears to perfection with pitch and rhythmic training features. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

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