Korg SP-280 Black Digital Piano


88-key digital piano with built-in speakers, stand, and damper pedal—black finish

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The Korg SP-280 Black is a stylish, great-sounding digital piano with weighted hammer-action keys, 120-voice polyphony, acoustic and vintage electric piano sounds, suitable for the home or stage

There’s nothing like having a piano in the home to bring a family together in an engaged fashion, rather than spaced out together on the sofa watching TV. Korg’s SP-280 Black offers that experience in a beautifully-designed digital piano for your home. Also suitable for the stage, the Korg SP-280 features a beautiful piano sound and a stylish design that is decorative as well as functional. While pianists of all levels appreciate playing an instrument that faithfully reproduces the sound and feel of a concert grand piano, not everyone has the room for a 9-foot grand, or the six figures it takes to own one, and that’s where the easily affordable Korg SP-280 digital piano comes to the rescue. The SP-280 has the weighted hammer-action feel of an acoustic piano, plus multi-layered samples that change timbre in respond to your touch, just like an acoustic grand. Best of all, its compact size means you can have the piano experience regardless of the size of your home or room. This version of the Korg SP-280 comes in a black finish for the traditional concert pianist at heart.

Korg SP-280 Digital Piano—Black in one take:

  • Rich, dynamic acoustic piano sounds
  • Authentic vintage electric piano sounds, perfect for live performance
  • High-output amp section produces plenty of volume
  • Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard faithfully reproduces the touch of an acoustic piano
  • Stereo audio for playing along with external audio sources

INSIDE THE BOX—Korg SP-280 Black Digital Piano

Rich piano sounds

The SP-280 piano sounds feature four layered samples that respond according to your touch, providing a playing feel that’s incredibly close to that of an acoustic piano. From delicate pianissimo to dynamic fortissimo, the sound will respond realistically and expressively to the way you play. You can choose one of three settings that specify how the sound will respond to your playing dynamics.

For even greater authenticity, the Grand Piano sound reproduces the resonance when you press the damper pedal of an acoustic piano, heightening your experience of the overall piano sound, making it even more enjoyable to play.

Special attention has been paid to the SP-280’s high-quality electric piano sounds, which are period-accurate and as satisfying as the acoustic sounds. The standard electric piano sounds reproduce not only the way the tone responds to your touch, but also the subtle noises that occur when you release a key. Six varieties are provided, covering the sounds widely used in the pop and soul music of the ’60s and ’70s.

30 high-quality sounds

Including the acoustic and electric piano sounds, the SP-280 contains 30 expressive, high-quality sounds, including organs, clavinets, harpsichord, strings, and more. There’s also a Layer Mode that lets you play two sounds together, and a Partner Mode that divides the keyboard into left and right regions so that two people can play the same note range. To further enhance the SP-280 sounds, there are three effects available. Brilliance, which adjusts the brightness of the tone; Reverb, to simulate the natural ambience (reverberation) of a concert hall; and chorus to add spaciousness.

The SP-280 supports MIDI, the unified standard for transferring performance data between electronic musical instruments and computers. MIDI allows connected devices to control each other, and lets you use the SP-280 as a 16-part multi-timbral sound module.

High-output amplifier section

The SP-280 features two on-board amplifiers that deliver 2 x 22 watts of output power; the highest in its class. Delivering deep lows and sparkling highs, the SP-280’s amplifiers make the expressive piano tones sound more inspiring to play, and more satisfying for listeners. Since the speakers are capable of producing high volume, they can provide plenty of power for a small live event without requiring a PA system to be connected. The SP-280 also has two headphone jacks for private instruction, practice, and for playing duets. A built-in metronome lets you adjust the time signature, tempo, and volume. It also lets you use a bell sound as the accent.

Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard

The Natural Weighted Hammer Action (NH) keyboard provides the same playing feel as on an acoustic piano, with heavier action in the lower register and a lighter response as you ascend the keyboard into the higher register, allowing the nuances of your playing to be faithfully reproduced. The Key Touch Control function gives you three levels of adjustment to specify how your playing dynamics will affect the output, letting you perform in a satisfying way to suit your touch.

 OUTSIDE THE BOX—Korg SP-280 Black Digital Piano

Stylish design

In the spirit of Korg’s SP-250 digital piano, which was highly acclaimed for its distinctive design, the SP-280 achieves an even more stylish appearance. Its modern, curvilinear aesthetic will match any decor, and attention has also been paid to the design of the instrument’s back side, so that it will also look good on stage. This design eliminates the idea that a piano should be played with its back to the wall, giving you the freedom to place your instrument wherever you like. You also have a choice of color–black or white–to best suit the atmosphere of your room. Built with portability in mind. it weighs less than 42 lb. including its sturdy metal stand, which is lightweight and easy to attach.

Line In and Line Out jacks

Offering a convenient and simple setup for live performance, you can connect a portable audio player or similar device to the Line-in jack (stereo mini-jack) and listen through the SP-280’s speakers while you play along. You can also use the Line-out jacks (phone jacks) to connect amplified speakers or a recording device.

Pedal effects

The included damper pedal functions as a half-damper pedal, allowing you to vary the damper effect by how far you press the pedal. If an optional pedal unit (PU-2) is connected, you’ll also be able to use soft and sostenuto pedals in addition to the damper pedal. This gives you three pedals, just like an acoustic piano, and is recommended for the serious piano student or performer.

The Korg SP-280 brings the grand piano experience and elegant modern décor to your home. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.

Korg SP-280 Digital Piano specifications:

Color: White (WH)

Keyboard: 88 notes (A0–C8), NH keyboard (Natural Weighted Hammer Action)

Touch selection: Light, normal, heavy

Pitch: Transpose, Fine tuning

Temperament: 9 kinds

Sound generation: Stereo piano system

Maximum polyphony: 120 voices

Sounds: 30 (10 x 3 Banks); Acoustic Piano x 5, Electric Grand, Electric Piano x 6, Harpsichord, Clavi x 2,Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic Guitar, Jazz Organ x 3, Pipe Organ x 3, Strings x 3, Choir 3

Effects: Brilliance, reverb and chorus (3 levels each)

Demo Songs: 30 (Sound Demo song x 10, Piano Demo Song x 20)

*Please listen demo songs by clicking SoundCloud button on the right

Metronome: Tempo, time signature, accent, sound and volume controls

Pedals: Damper; Half-pedaling supported, or optional pedal unit (aold separately)

Connections: Line out (L/MONO, R), line in, MIDI (in, out), headphones x 2, Pedal, Pedal unit

Controls: Power, Volume, Piano Song, Transpose, Function, Touch, Brilliance, Reverb, Chorus, Bank, Sound x 10, Up, Down, Metronome

Amplification: 2 x 22 watt

Speakers: 2x 6-5/16″ – 3-1/8″ oval

Power supply: DC 19V, AC adapter (included)

Power Consumption: 15W

Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,361 × 406 × 785 mm / 53-19/32″ × 16″ × 30-29/32″ (including stand, excluding music stand)

Weight: 41.89 lb. (19 kg (including Stand, excluding Music stand)


  • AC adapter
  • Music Stand
  • Stand
  • Damper pedal

Options: Pedal unit PU-2

Additional information

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 54 x 31 in
Number of Keys


Key Action

Natural Weighted Hammer Action

Number of Sounds




Attribute: Manufacturer Part Number


MIDI/USB or Both



120 Voices


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