Korg Monotron DELAY


Analogue Ribbon Synthesizer with on-board Delay

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The Korg monotron Delay is a pocket-sized analog synthesizer with one VCO, VCF, and Space Delay with Aux In, built-in speaker and headphone jack

 The Korg monotron Delay is a take-anywhere mini synthesizer with one voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and one voltage-controlled filter (VCF). It features the same distinctive filter found in Korg’s classic MS-10 and MS-20 semi-modular synthesizers, which were, and still are known for their aggressive, dynamic sound. In addition to its analog oscillator, filter, and LFO, the monotron Delay gets its name from a Space Delay that you can use to create swirling, ethereal sounds. Like all synths in the Korg monotron series, the monotron Delay has a built-in speaker and a headphone output for private practice. It can also be used as a record output or connect to an amp or PA system.

Korg monotron Delay in one take:

  • Space Delay with Time and Feedback controls offers analog-style echoes
  • New Pitch LFO with selectable Waveform, Rate, and Intensity controls
  • VCF with Cutoff Control
  • Wide-range ribbon controller keyboard
  • Original Analog (VCF) Filter taken from the classic MS-10 and MS-20
  • Aux input jack lets you apply filter and delay to any audio source
  • Built-in speaker and battery power for go-anywhere analog sound
  • Headphone jack for private use

Classic analog synth / Space Delay combination

The classic analog synthesizer sound is typified by tape-style echo units, which created pitch changes as delay times were varied. Of course, tape delays were eventually replaced by more linear digital delays. However, the monotron Delay can reproduce the non-linear the pitch changes that occur when you vary the delay time, just like an analog tape echo. As with the filter, the delay effect can be added to any external sound via the Aux In jack.

Dual-waveform LFO

The LFO (low-frequency oscillator) offers two waveforms that can be used to modulate pitch, including a square wave and triangle wave. Both the Rate (Speed) and the Intensity (Depth) can be adjusted independently. In addition, a rear-panel trim pot can continuously adjust the shape/direction of the triangle wave, or the pulse-width of the square wave to deliver even more versatility. Used in conjunction with the delay, the LFO can create dazzling effects and provide unique possibilities.

Wide-range ribbon keyboard

The monotron Delay features a four-octave ribbon-controller keyboard. This design makes the monotron Delay a great asset for a DJ to get the floor moving with irresistible sound. The reversed white keys and body adornments glow under black light illumination, making the monotron Delay ideal for delivering a striking visual impact in nearly any club environment.

Aux input Jack

The input jack (AUX input) enables you to input any audio source into the signal path directly ahead of the analog filter. This provides a great way to connect a KAOSSILATOR, guitar, or digital audio player to the monotron Delay for tone-bending filter effects.

Built-in speaker

Every monotron synth in the series has a built-in speaker, which, along with its compact size and battery powered operation lets you to enjoy the monotron sound anywhere, any time. There’s also a headphone output that you can use when practicing in private, creating sounds at home, recording, or for connecting to an amplifier or PA system.

Don’t delay getting yourself a Korg monotron Delay if you want to add spaced-out echoes to your analog sound. Order yours today!


Korg monotron Delay specifications

Synthesizer structure:

  • 1 VCO (Sawtooth Wave); 1 VCF; 1 LFO; DELAY


  • Standby / LFO ? Shape / LFO  Shape


  • LFO Rate, LFO Int., VCF Cutoff, DELAY Time, DELAY Feedback
  • Rear-panel trim pot: LFO Shape


  • Wide Range Ribbon Controller

monotron Series common specs:


  • Headphone Volume

Aux Input: 

  • 1/8″ Stereo Jack

Headphone Output: 

  • 1/8″ Stereo Jack


  • Miniature Internal; disabled when headphones are in use

Power Supply:

  • AAA batteries (x2), recommended alkaline batteries

Battery Life:

  • Approximately 8 hours (with alkaline batteries)


  • Owner’s Manual, AAA batteries x2 (for verifying operation)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 

  • 4-23/32″ x 2-27/32″ x 1-3/32″  (120mm x 72mm x 28mm)


  • 3.35 oz. / 95g / (without batteries)








Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 5 x 2 in
MIDI/USB or Both




Analog or Digital






Attribute: Manufacturer Part Number



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