Genelec 1234A SAM Studio Monitor

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Smart Active Tri-Amplified Monitor

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The Genelec 1234A Studio Monitor is an active, tri-amplified master monitor with dual 12″ woofers, 5″ midrange driver and 1″ metal dome tweeter with network capabilities and automatic room compensation

The Genelec 1234A was conceived and purpose-built to provide awe-inspiring sound commensurate with the expectations, atmosphere, and artistry found in no-compromise, major recording studios, post-production facilities, and mastering suites. The Genelec 1234A is an active, 3-way flush-mounted wall monitor with dual 12″ woofers for enhanced directivity, a 5″, proprietary midrange driver and 1″ metal dome tweeter surrounded by Genelec’s Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) for precise on- and off-axis imaging.

The 1234A features Genelec’s network controlled Smart Active Monitoring (SAM),  the most advanced and adaptable monitoring technology available. GLM 2.0 (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software provides remote fine adjustment for up to 30 individual Smart monitors subwoofers, while AutoCal compensates for acoustic room anomalies, perfectly calibrating the system to your listening environment. For easy installation, the 1234A comes with the RAM-XL external amplifier, which features ultra quiet operation for mounting in the listening area.

Genelec 1234A Studio Monitor in one take:

  • Network controlled Smart Active Monitor (SAM) system via GLM 2.0 management software provides repeatable, consistent performance
  • AutoCal automatically compensates for room modes and unwanted resonances
  • Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) creates a wide, accurate listening area via controlled horizontal and vertical dispersion
  • The RAM-XL remote amplifier module provides 2x 750W LF, 400W midrange, and 250W HF amplification with silent operation—no machine room necessary
  • Active crossovers
  • Dual woofer design extends the control of the directivity along the short front baffle dimension.
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) “sleep” mode saves power and prolongs speaker life
  • Speaker protection circuitry

INSIDE THE BOX—Genelec 1234A

Networked Smart Active Monitor (SAM) Systems

 Genelec’s advanced SAM Systems are can automatically adapt to acoustic environments and correct for levels, delays and room anomalies. SAM Systems can be controlled via Genelec proprietary Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) network and software, enabling you to build a highly flexible and reliable monitoring system. If the monitors have to move between rooms, you can rely on SAM technology to give you absolute consistency, a neutral sound stage, and low distortion. All electronics, drivers, and enclosures are designed, assembled, tested, and calibrated in Genelec’s factory in Finland. Genelec quality and reliability ensure a secure long-term investment, with environmentally conscious, low energy consumption and outstanding audio quality.

AutoCal room calibration

Genelec AutoCal is a system integrator’s dream, and gets you out of stasis and into production faster. It facilitates setup by measuring acoustic response in the listening area and applying the appropriate compensation in the low and low-mid frequencies to minimize the muddying effect of room modes and other unwanted room resonances, while simultaneously accounting for the differences between various listening positions.

Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW)

 Genelec’s DCW technology, developed and refined over 30-plus years, significantly improves the performance of direct-radiating multi-amped monitors. The Directivity Controlled Waveguide shapes the radiated wavefront in a predictable dispersion pattern resulting in a very linear overall frequency range and uniform power response. Minimized early reflections provide a wide and consistent listening area with accurate on- and off-axis sound reproduction.

Another important advantage of a controlled wavefront is that the frequency balance of the room’s reverberation field is essentially the same as the direct field from the monitors. As a consequence, the monitoring system’s performance is less dependent on the room’s acoustic characteristics.

Sound image width and depth, critical components in any listening environment, are important not only for on-axis listening, but also off-axis. This benefits both the engineer and clients outside the sweet spot, particularly in large control rooms.

 DCW Technology key benefits: 

  • Flat on- and off-axis response for wider usable listening area
  • Increased direct-to-reflected sound ratio for reduced control room coloration
  • Improved stereo and sound stage imaging
  • Increased drive unit sensitivity up to 6dB
  • Increased system maximum sound pressure level capacity
  • Decreased drive unit distortion
  • Reduced cabinet edge diffraction
  • Reduced complete system distortion

 RAM-XL remote amplifier module

Genelec’s RAM-XL is a high-efficiency, Class D amplifier that outputs 125dB SPL, wide dynamic range, and very low distortion. RAM-XL is a 3U rackmount tri-amplification system with digital signal processing that features high-precision algorithms for driver equalization and crossover filtering. When it’s time to crank up the speakers to impress clients or simulate theater sound, its built-in driver overload protection ensures long-term reliability. The RAM-XL’s room response compensation feature includes highly flexible parametric filters, level alignment, and acoustic delay compensation. Its intelligent thermal design, which renders the RAM-XL extremely silent, enables it to be mounted in the listening space, rather than a remote machine room, making installation that much easier. Each RAM-XL is calibrated to work optimally with its matching enclosure.

The RAM-XL is a product of the most advanced technology available for high-performance main monitors. Its modular design allows for easy hardware and software upgrades.

Active monitors, as opposed to powered monitors, use active crossovers, which electronically split the audio into separate frequency bands. These bands in turn can routed to individual power amplifiers, which drive transducers optimized for each frequency band. The active design offers several benefits. By connecting power amps directly to the drivers, damping control on the driver’s voice coil is maximized, reducing unwanted changes in the driver’s electrical characteristics, which can improve transient response. Active technology can produce superior sound output vs. size vs. low-frequency cut-off performance.

Active Crossovers

Active crossovers come in both digital and analog varieties. Genelec digital active crossovers include additional signal processing, such as driver protection, delay, and equalization. The flat frequency response of a high-quality active loudspeaker is a result of the crossover filter response, power amplifier responses and driver responses in a loudspeaker enclosure.

Using the active approach enables frequency response adjustments and optimization of the full loudspeaker system, placed in various room environments, without expensive external equalizers. The end result is a simpler, more reliable, efficient, consistent and precise active loudspeaker system.

Intelligent Signal-Sensing technology

 Intelligent Signal Sensing, ISS circuitry tracks the signal input of the loudspeaker. If no audio input is detected for given period of time, it puts the loudspeaker to “sleep” or a low-power state that consumes less than 0.5 watts. When an input signal is detected, the loudspeaker immediately turns itself on. Basically, the loudspeaker system will start saving power as soon as work is interrupted.

Protection circuitry

Maintaining reliable performance in the studio is essential, which is why Genelec builds protection circuitry into the 1234A. With signal level detection, it prevents driver failure by reducing signal level automatically in case of sudden peaks or constant high levels.

Protection circuitry features and benefits:

  • Reduces the output level when required, (e.g. when driver voice coil temperature reaches the safe limit) which significantly improves system reliability
  • Protection circuitry specifically optimized to each loudspeaker and subwoofer enables maximum system output levels

 OUTSIDE THE BOX—Genelec 1234A RAM-XL Remote Amplifier Module

The rear panel of the RAM-XL is where all the action is, starting with a universal IEC power connector for international use, digital AES/EBU input, selectable via software; AES thru, which sends an identical copy of the AES input; balanced XLR analog input with sensitivity set by GLM software; two RJ45 network ports; and woofer and tweeter inputs.

Why buy the Genelec 1234A from Westlake Pro?

Westlake Pro is not just an online pro audio retailer that guarantees the lowest prices. We also comprise Westlake Design Group and Westlake Studios. Westlake Pro Design Group has provided design, integration, and acoustic construction for legendary recording studios, post-production facilities, and broadcast stations worldwide, including studio builds for clients such as Snoop Dogg, Dave Pensado, The Village Recorders, and the award-winning Enzi Studio in Mumbai, India. Among our post-production clients are major film studios, including ABC, Disney, NBC, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Warner Bros, and Capitol Records.

Not only do we build world-class studios, we are a legendary studio ourselves— Westlake Studios. If that sounds familiar, it because the world’s best selling album of all time, Michael Jackson’s Thriller was recorded at Westlake Studios. Whether you’re building a laptop studio or a world-class facility, why not work with the real pro audio experts—Westlake Pro.

The 1234A is Genelec’s most advanced main monitor, and a top choice for major recording studios, film and video post-production facilities, and mastering suites. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant/Studio Integrator today.

Genelec 1234A specifications:

  • SPL: 125 dB
  • Frequency response: 29Hz – 21kHz (-6 dB)
  • Accuracy of frequency response: ± 2dB (57Hz – 20kHz)
  • Driver dimension: 2x 12″ woofers + 5″ midrange + 1″ metal dome tweeter + DCW
  • Amplifier power: 2x 750W LF, 400W midrange, 250W, HF
  • Dimensions (speaker): (H x W x D): 27-9/16″ x 35″ x 15″ (610 x 470 x 257 mm)
  • Dimensions (amplifier): 5-3/16″ x 19″ x 11-1/4″ (16-3/4″ chassis width) / 132 x 483/425 x 286 mm)
  • Weight (speaker): 161 lb. (73 kg)
  • Weight (amplifier): 25 lb. (11.2 kg)
  • Connections: 1x XLR analog input, 1x input / 1x output XLR digital AES/EBU, 2x RJ45 control network

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 20 × 20 in

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