Focusrite Red 16Line Audio Interface


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64-in / 64-out audio interface with 16 x 16 analog and 32 x 32 Dante audio-over-IP connectivity

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Focusrite Red 16Line 64×64 Pro Tools | HD and dual Thunderbolt 3 audio interface with Focusrite’s best conversion, Red Evolution mic preamps, ultra low-latency workflow, and Dante network implementation

The Focusrite Red 16Line takes audio interface capabilities to a higher level in both sound quality and functionality. It has DigiLink connectors for easy integration with Pro Tools | HD, and dual Thunderbolt 3 ports offering 64 bi-directional channels of audio transmission. The Red 16Line is also Dante Audio-over-IP enabled, which allows you to expand an audio network with 32×32 channels of high-resolution, ultra low-latency audio right out of the box. And it doesn’t end there. The Red 16Line has 16 channels of analog line-in and out, plus two of Red Evolution preamps, the latest incarnation of Focusrite’s historic ISA preamps, originally designed for George Martin’s Air studios. And speaking of Focusrite’s heritage sound, the Red 16Line also comes with Red 3 EQ and compression software that you can track and mix through, plus control software for the familiar analog look, feel, and workflow of a large-format analog console.

Red 16Line audio interface in one take:

  • 16×16 analog I/O over D-Sub, with 1/4″ monitor outputs
  • Easily switch between Pro Tools HD and a second DAW
  • Focusrite’s highest quality dual-path conversion
  • Ultra low, round-trip latency streamlines workflow
  • Two Red Evolution preamps
  • Dante-network enabled
  • Software mixer based on familiar hardware workflow
  • Comes with Focusrite Red EQ and compression software

Extensive analog I/O

An excellent way to incorporate analog outboard into a standalone or networked audio system, Red 16Line features 16 line inputs and outputs on D-sub connectors, and two 1/4″ main monitor outputs.

 Pro Tools | HD and Thunderbolt 3

With DigiLink and Thunderbolt connectivity, the Red 16Line lets you work in two DAWs with the ability to switch between Pro Tools | HD and another DAW without having to reconfigure option cards in the interface. Switching the host mode via a front-panel switch, or in remote control software, enables you to switch between workstations in seconds.

Focusrite’s innovative dual-path conversion

 Adhering to the company motto, “Sound is everything,” Focusrite pulled out all the stops designing and building RedNet’s next-level conversion. Along with converters expertly selected and calibrated to provide the best balance of sound quality, dynamic range and conversion latency, a number of innovations went into the design of the RedNet range. One such unique design is a dual converter path for a balanced signal throughout the system. The result is a lower noise floor and higher output than competing ADA systems. RedNet conversion also uses accurate JetPLL ultra low-jitter clocking.

Special attention was also paid to circuit flow, which took the form of multi-layer circuit boards to keep analog and digital signals from any possibility of compromising each other. RedNet provides some of the most transparent and pristine audio quality available, at a dynamic range of 118dB A-D and 121dB dynamic range D-A (A-weighted) with 24-bit resolution at sample rates up to 192kHz.

Revolutionize your workflow

Red’s ultra-low round trip latency completely transforms your workflow. If you’re used to having to build two different mixes – one using input monitoring to overdub, the other using the DAW for playback – the good news is that now, one is enough. Build your mix on the DAW and use it whether you’re overdubbing (monitoring the input you’re recording with the Focusrite Control software mixer) or playing back, with all your plug-ins in place, all the time.

Red Evolution Air-enabled microphone preamplifiers

The Red Evolution microphone preamps in the Red 16Line are the latest incarnation and pinnacle of the renowned Focusrite Red range preamps. The Red Evolution preamps are designed to deliver ultra clean, transparent audio with an astounding –129dB Equivalent Input Noise (in essence the heat noise generated by components as electrons pass through them) and an equally astounding 0.0009% THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise). The Red Evolution preamps have 63dB of ultra-clean gain along with stereo linking, individual phantom power, high-pass filter, phase reverse and “Air” mode, the foundation of Focusrite’s “Heritage Sound,” designed by Mr. Rupert Neve for George Martin’s Air studios.


Red Evolution’s unique “Air” circuit is a purely analog effect that emulates the sound of the transformer-based mic preamps of the ISA range. Air is the Air recreates the sound-shaping effect of the classic ISA transformer by using an authentic analog model of the original transformer-based preamp design. When Air is enabled, the microphone impedance is set to 2.1k ohm and the frequency response curve is given a subtle mid-high boost—all in the analog domain. Engaging Air reconfigures the three-stage preamp signal chain to switch in the correct transformer-style input impedance, followed by a linear gain stage, and finally inserting a passive frequency-shaping stage to recreate the tight low end and elevated high-end response, creating the effect described by audio professionals as the classic “Air” sound of the Focusrite ISA mic pre.

Networked audio-enabled out of the box

Dante is the audio networking system of choice for Focusrite and many other pro audio manufacturers. Developed by Audinate, a Sydney Australia-based company, Dante is a hardware/software network protocol that delivers uncompressed, multi-channel, near-zero latency digital audio over standard Ethernet networks. Dante provides easy implementation and a cost-saving advantage for studios taking over existing infrastructure with multiple rooms. With Dante, audio can be sent anywhere over existing IT wiring. If changes are required, a single network or fiber-optic cable can carry multiple channels, making it possible to make infrastructure changes relatively quickly and inexpensively, without the need for major construction.

Dante lets you run additional channels over a greater distance, adding only 150μs of latency to the system, without wasting money on technology or connectivity that will not be used. To minimize time spent on system configuration, Dante makes networking a true plug-and-play process, allowing automatic device discovery and system configuration.

Software mixer with hardware-focused workflow 

Focusrite Control is a software mixer based on familiar analog console-style workflow. It’s designed for ease of use, enabling you to quickly set up both simple and complex monitoring and routing configurations. Focusrite control software also gives you with the ability to control your preamps remotely.

Red-series sound across your mix 

Like every Red interface, the Red 16Line comes with Focusrite’s Red 2 and Red 3 EQ and compression plug-ins. AAX/AU/VST-compatible, these plug-ins faithfully reproduce the sonic qualities of the original Red series hardware, allowing you to take advantage of the classic Red sound, the sound of professional mixers, such as Chris Lord Alge, across your entire mix.

Expand your Pro Tools | HD system, audio network, or work in two DAWS simultaneously. For more information, call or chat with your Westlake Pro Audio representative today.

Additional information

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 19 x 2 in
Connection Type

Thunderbolt 2

Sample Rate


Pro Tools HD


Bit Depth



Work Clock



64 in x 64 out

Headphone Jack


Monitor Outs


Attribute: Manufacturer Part Number


Phantom Power





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