Earthworks SV33 Studio Vocal Microphone

14mm capsule Cardioid Condenser studio vocal microphone. Each SV33 is made to order


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The Earthworks SV33 is a front-address, cardioid condenser mic with a 1/2″ capsule, precision-engineered and hand-tuned for stunningly realistic vocals

Earthworks SV33 Studio Vocal Microphone in one take:

  • Front address
  • 1/2″ (14 mm) capsule
  • Cardioid pattern
  • 20Hz – 40kHz frequency range
  • Handles up to 145dB SPL
  • Hand-tuned precision
  • Discrete Class-A circuitry
  • Crisp, clear and authentic reproduction
  • Nextel® Dark Black finish for low reflectivity and durability

 Front-address, 1/2″ capsule

The SV33 brings Earthworks famed detail and sense of “being there” to studio vocals, with a front-address, condenser mic that looks as impressive as it sounds. With Earthworks’ largest diaphragm to date, its 1/2″ (14 mm) capsule delivers warmth coupled with stunningly precise audio capture. A true cardioid polar pattern provides freedom and ease for every recording session with an enormous sweet spot and incredible rear rejection, maintaining complete sonic accuracy for vocal performances. 

Freedom of movement and expression 

Earthworks patented polar pickup pattern, cardioid in this case, acts like an omni, with nearly no high-frequency attenuation 140 degrees across the frontal hemisphere. What this means to engineers recording singers who like to dance, is that they don’t have to put their arm in a sling with mic in hand to keep them on-axis as they move; or gaffer-tape them to a column like Bob Ezrin did to Peter Gabriel on the song, “Modern Love” (okay, that was for other reasons, but it did stop him from moving off axis). Never has there been a vocal microphone that gives you this much freedom to express, to move, to take risks and capture the essence and nuance of a vocal performance. Off-axis, the SV33 excels at rejecting unwanted sounds, so in the unlikely event of bleed, the sound will remain uncolored and pure.

The SV33 eliminates limitations found in other high end studio microphones, infusing ease into the process for both the vocalist and the engineer—and saves on gaffer tape. And since we’re selling emotion here in the music biz, with an SV33 in play, every expression of joy, longing, pain or elation will come through with breathtaking, lifelike clarity.

 Forward in the mix without being pushy

The SV33 excels at delivering crystal clear vocals full of detail and nuance; effortlessly positioned forward in the mix with incredible low end, smooth midrange and high frequency detail. The openness and the air, it’s all there. Giving you a big vocal track full of vibrant presence with incredible intimacy.

 Discrete Class-A circuitry

The SV33’s discrete Class A circuitry means that your signal path will remain uncompromising, delivering the purest sound possible. With the SV33 you will achieve sonic clarity and world-class performance for every recording session.


  • SV33 Microphone
  • Cherry Wood Box
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Manual

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