Earthworks QTC40 – 40kHz Omni Recording Microphone (Matched Pair)

Low noise omnidirectional microphone designed for recording quiet sources



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The Earthworks QTC40 is a low-noise, omnidirectional condenser mic with an extended frequency range of 3Hz-40kHz, textbook polar response, and 140dB SPL handling with no proximity effect or handling noise

The Earthworks QTC40 omidirectional recording mic is designed for true-to-life audio capture and stunning detail. Thanks to its 3Hz – 40kHz ruler-flat frequency response and ultra compliant diaphragm with the fastest reset time of any microphone available, the QTC40 captures the fastest and most dynamic transients, while neither attenuating or exaggerating any frequencies. This mic is for audiophile recording, where the sense of being in the room with the music is equally important to capturing the most accurate representation of the sound source possible. Delivering sound so detailed and real, the QTC40 brings recordings to life, delivering a vivid sonic image for the discerning ear.

Earthworks QTC40 in one take:

  • Linear free-field frequency response to 40kHz
  • Excellent impulse response reproduces sounds with incredible true-to-life detail
  • Perfect for recording accurate instruments in the studio and field recording
  • Omnidirectional polar pattern
  • Exceptional polar characteristics
  • Handles sound levels up to 138dB with no proximity effect or handling noise

Linear frequency response to 40kHz

The Earthworks QTC40 is a pre-polarized condenser directly coupled to a dedicated wideband, low output-impedance preamplifier. It features a linear free-field frequency response from 3Hz to 40kHz, low self-noise, very low handling noise, uniform polar pattern, and high SPL handling capabilities.

The QTC40 is time coherent, precisely capturing high and low frequency sounds with no phase errors, which will smear transients and create other time related distortions. With an SPL rating of 140dB the QTC40 has plenty of headroom, so there is no need to worry about the microphone distorting. And there is no proximity effect, you can get the QTC40 as close as you want to the sound source. 

Fast impulse response and settling time for incredible detail

David Blackmer, founder of dbx and Earthworks, two of the most influential and innovative pro audio manufacturers in the history of the industry was focused on created the world’s best loudspeakers. To accomplish that goal, he realized that he needed more precise test equipment than was available at the time. As such, he began his quest for perfect sound reproduction with the invention of a remarkable test microphone. In his research, Blackmer discovered that impulse response was a far more revealing indicator of a mic’s performance that simply measuring frequency response.

Impulse response indicates how fast a microphone can react to fast transients, such as a snare hit or cymbal attack. The positive-going wave, called compression, causes the diaphragm to vibrate. The speed at which the diaphragm resets to its zero point, in anticipation of the next attack is its settling time. A fast impulse response allows the mic to capture the full crispness and detail of attacks, while the fast settling time will allow you to hear subtle details in your recording previous not possible. The overall term for how sensitive a diaphragm is to compression and rarefaction of sound waves is “compliance.”

Blackmer recognized that only the highly compliant small diaphragms of condenser microphones were capable of the precision his specifications required. This has been the guiding principal behind all Earthworks microphone designs since.

Hand-tuned and tested

Every Earthworks QTC40 is individually hand-tested, and is delivered with its own calibration chart providing the individually measured frequency response curve. A mounting clip is included with the microphone


Ideal for recording quieter sources such as vocals, strings and distant miked orchestras or choirs, these low noise omnis are also an excellent choice for drum overheads, close-miked wind and percussion instruments, and foley.

The QTC40 is designed for recording quieter sources such as vocals, strings, woodwinds, and distant-miked orchestras or choirs. For classical location recording a matched pair will provide spectacular results. The QTC40 will faith- fully reproduce sound with impeccable detail and does not exhibit the typical problems and limitation exhibited with conventional microphones. Its impulse response and diaphragm settling time is exceptional, resulting in very natural and uncolored sound.

  • Acoustic String Instruments
  • Brass/Woodwinds
  • Choir
  • Piano
  • Recording
  • Studio Vocals
  • Theater

If audiophile recordings with the feel of being there with the musicians is your goal, a pair of Earthworks QTC40s should be the all-important first link in your audio chain. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.


Earthworks QTC40 specifications

  • Frequency Response: 3Hz to 40kHz ±1dB
  • Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity: 34mV/Pa (-29dBV/Pa)
  • Power Requirements: 24-48V Phantom, 10mA
  • Max Acoustic Input: 140B SPL
  • Output: XLR (pin 2+)
  • Output Impedance: 65 ohm balanced (between pins 2 & 3)
  • Min Output Load: 600 ohm between pins 2 & 3
  • Noise: 20dB SPL equivalent (A weighted)
  • Dimensions L x D: 229mm x 22mm (9 x .860 inches)
  • Weight: .5 lb. (225g)

Included accessories

  • MC1 Microphone Clip
  • OMW1 Foam Windscreen


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