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Avid Pro Tools | MTRX Base unit with MADI and Pro|Mon

Modular 384kHz/DSD interface with DAD conversion, 1,500 channel matrix, and seamless integration with Avid S6 & S3 control surfaces


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The Avid Pro Tools | MTRX  is an amazing 64-channel Pro Tools HD interface with massive routing matrix, extensive monitor control, and precision DAD conversion, can be the nerve center of any studio—regardless of audio format, size, or existing I/O

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If you’re searching for a unified field theory of pro audio, Avid Pro Tools MTRX has done what Einstein couldn’t. The problem in pro audio is not to explain the convergence between analog and digital formats, but rather to get them to play nicely together. The Avid Pro Tools MTRX interface represents a quantum leap (if you will) not only in sound quality, but also for the unification of analog and digital signals in a singular unit, enabling you to convert, route, and monitor audio signals in any format without adding any conversion latency. Truly the hub of any music or post-production studio, and featuring renowned DAD conversion, the card bus architecture of Avid’s Pro Tools MTRX enables you to customize I/O to suit your specific needs, including analog, Dante AoIP, MADI, AES3, 3G-SDI, and up to 48 remote controlled, high-quality preamps.

Avid Pro Tools | MTRX HD Interface in one take:

  • 64-channel Pro Tools HD interface with ultra high-resolution 384kHz PCM/DSD conversion, can be the nerve center of any studio regardless of audio format
  • Modular card bus architecture enables you to customize analog and digital I/O, including lets you route in various audio formats, including Dante AoIP, MADI, AES3, 3G-SDI, and DSD
  • Pro | Mon 2 provides an astounding 1,500 x 1,500 channel matrix, monitoring, talkback, summing, and fold-down in mono, stereo, and multi-channel formats, including 64-channel immersive audio
  • Included DADman control software lets you configure and route signals, control Pro | Mon monitor section, remotely control up to 48 mic preamps, multiple Pro Tools interfaces or multiple workstations



At its most basic, the Avid Pro Tools | MTRX is a high-resolution, 64-channel interface that features DAD (Digital Audio Denmark) conversion with sample rates up to 384kHz PCM, and DSD64/DSD128. Renowned for its musical detail, fidelity, and transparency, DAD converters capture and playback the subtle detail and nuance often missed by other interfaces. With Pro Tools MTRX, you can hear music and audio exactly as the mic captured it, enabling you to deliver the truest sound productions with impeccable clarity. Pro Tools | MTRX provides high-precision, internal clocking for all digital I/O, including Word Clock, AES11, and video black burst (VBB), to ensure clean, accurate performance across all of your connected devices.

Modular card bus architecture

The modular design of the Pro Tools | MTRX enables you to tailor it to your needs with a wide variety of I/O and interface options. The eight available card slots can host analog inputs and outputs, high-quality mic pres, Dante audio over IP, MADI, AES3, 3G-SDI, DSD, and AES67 standard for Dante networked audio. With up to three MADI ports on the chassis, plus eight dual MADI cards as options, you can also configure MTRX as a 19 x 19 MADI router. With its diverse connection abilities, Pro Tools | MTRX can effectively replace the collection of single-format I/O and monitor interfaces taking up space in your racks. It can both expand and streamline your workflow, enabling you to do more while minimizing connection complexity and save precious studio real estate.

Pro | Mon 1,500 x 1,500 channel matrix

Pro Tools | MTRX features a powerful low-latency router that can manage up to 1,500 inputs and 1,500 outputs simultaneously. Pro|Mon lets route any input channel to any output channel, even to multiple output channels simultaneously. providing a flexible interface to Pro Tools | HD or to multiple DAWs simultaneously. Since all audio formats appear in the matrix at the same time, you can route any signal between the various I/O formats without the latency due to format conversion.

With Pro | Mon 2, you can configure a monitor section with multiple speaker sets, and build custom fold-down templates to instantly switch between monitor formats. In addition to its 1,500 x 1,500 matrix, Pro | Mon also provides a 256 x 32, 32-bit floating point summing mixer, enabling you to sum stems and sources to feed monitor outputs. Pro | Mon can be configured for a wide variety of multi-channel audio formats, ranging from mono and stereo to 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 surround, and up to 64 channels for Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Pro | Mon also provides a 256 x 32, 32-bit floating point summing mixer, enabling you to sum stems and sources to feed monitor outputs.

Included DADman control software

 Pro Tools | MTRX comes with EUCON-enabled DADman software (for remote control and Config from Mac or PC), which despite its considerable capabilities, is quite easy to use. With DADman, you can configure and route signals, and control the Pro | Mon monitor section. From both DADman and directly from the Pro Tools | S6 surface, you can remotely control every parameter of up to 48 high-quality mic preamps per MTRX interface. DADman also gives you talkback capabilities, enabling you to set any of the control room speaker or monitor outputs as your talkback source, as well as activate Cut and Dim options on any output.

Since the Pro Tools MTRX can be used as an extended monitor facility for the Avid S6 and the S3 as well as other Eucon surfaces, DADman software and Pro | Mon let you control sources, monitors, and speaker sets directly from the S6 Channel strips and Master Touch Module. Since monitoring stays in the digital domain, there is no signal degradation commonly associated with analog pots. In use, a single workstation can control multiple MTRX units, or multiple workstations can have synchronized control from a single MTRX. Plus, its ability to save room configurations makes it a godsend for multi-room production facilities.


For fail-safe reliability, the Pro Tools | MTRX features dual internal power supplies, and comes standard with an assortment of built-in I/O on the chassis, including 64 channels of MADI I/O via BNC, 8-line AES3 interface with 16 I/O channels, and a 2-port 64-channel DigiLink Mini I/O interface to connect the MTRX with Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native systems.

You can install a maximum of six AD and/or DA cards to support up to 48 analog channels, design an all-digital box, or any combination you like. Below is a list of available option cards:

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Line Pristine AD Card:

  • Add eight channels of line-level analog inputs

Pro Tools | MTRX 2 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card:

  • Add two channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit—an ideal low-cost option for talkback and tracking

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card:

  • Add eight channels of analog inputs and mic preamps with relay-based gain circuit.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Pristine DA Card:

  • Add eight channels of line-level analog outputs with an output level control.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 AES3 I/O Card:

  • Add eight line AES3 inputs and outputs (16 channels), with built-in sample rate conversion.

Pro Tools | MTRX Dual SDI/HD/3G Card:

  • Add 2 x 16 channels of SDI/HD/3G connections (embed/de-embed) with built-in sample rate conversion.

Pro Tools | MTRX 64-Channel IP Audio Dante Module:

  • Add up to 64 channels of low-latency digital audio using Dante (64 channels at 44.1 kHz or 16 channels at 192 kHz).

Pro Tools | MTRX Dual MADI I/O Card:

  • Add 128 channels of MADI inputs and outputs through two optical SFP ports.

Pro Tools | MTRX MADI Module for Base Unit:

  • Add an additional one or two 64-channel I/O coaxial or optical MADI module to the chassis.

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Who’s using the Pro Tools | MTRX?

The MTRX is currently in use by audio luminaries including music scoring mixer, Alan Meyerson (The Dark Knight Rises, Gladiator), multiple Grammy-winning mixer-engineer Mick Guzauski (Jennifer Lopez, One Direction, Daft Punk), Grammy-winning producer-mixer, Craig Bauer (Kanye West, The Clark Sisters), and the director of engineering at Sony Pictures Post Services, to name a few.

There isn’t a music or post production facility on the planet that can’t benefit from the all-in-one control, streamlined workflow, comprehensive connectivity and stellar sound quality of the Avid Pro Tools | MTRX interface. For more information or configuration advice, call or chat with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.


Avid Pro Tools | MTRX Full Feature List

  • Capture and play back audio in the highest audio quality possible—up to 384kHz PCM and DSD64/DSD128
  • Customize the interface for your needs, whether you want 48 analog channels, 64 digital, or something in between
  • Choose from a wide variety of I/O, including mic pres, Dante, MADI, AES3, and 3G-SDI
  • Get the versatility you need to connect with the widest array of gear, devices, and environments
  • Use as a 64-channel interface to Pro Tools | HD or standalone
  • Gain flexible routing and monitoring control with the included DADman software and Pro | Mon 2
  • Use one interface for multiple applications, including music recording, Dolby Atmos, live sound, multi Pro Tools post workflows, monitor control, and more
  • Remotely control up to 48 mic preamps per interface from both DADman and Pro Tools | S6
  • Configure your monitor section as you need it with multiple speaker sets
  • Build custom fold-down templates to instantly switch between monitor formats
  • Sum stems and sources to feed monitor outputs using Pro | Mon as a 256 x 32 summing mixer
  • Work with multiple audio formats, from mono and stereo, to 64 channels of audio output
  • Get a quick glimpse into your signal status and session activity on the front- panel display

Included with Avid Pro Tools | MTRX

  • Pro Tools | MTRX base unit
  • Pro | Mon 2 monitoring control
  • DADman software
  • Two DigiLink Mini cables
  • DigiLink I/O License
  • AC power cable
  • Additional interface cards available as options

Add total control with the NTP DAD MOM Monitor Operating Module!

MOM will give you everything you would expect from a first-grade hardware monitor-controller:

  • Large Top-Quailty Rotary Knob
  • Switching Between Different Sources
  • Switching Between Different Monitor Configurations (from Mono to Atmos)
  • Mute/Solo Individual Monitor Channels
  • Talkback
  • Dim
  • Cut
  • Reference Level

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