Avid | PRE 8-Channel Remote Controlled Preamp

Transparent, remote controllable 8-channel microphone preamp with seamless Pro Tools|HD control and integration


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Eight-channel remote-controllable preamp with amazing low-noise (0.0005% THD+N) performance

The Avid Pro Tools | PRE is an 8-channel, high-quality preamp that can live in your live room and be set from your control room. Whether you use it as an integral part of your Pro Tools system or in standalone mode, the impressive-looking Pro Tools|PRE provides eight channels of ultra-clean, transparent mic amps, built to exacting standards with only the finest components. The Pro Tools|PRE is designed for engineers and producers who want to hear instruments and vocals as close to the way they sound in the room as possible, for that “being there” listening experience. With amazingly impressive THD+N at 0.0005%, the Pro Tools|PRE lets you layer tracks while maintaining clarity and superior transient response—the keys to superior in-band reality for instruments and vocals,and better localization of sound in the stereo field. Not only does the remote-controllable Pro Tools|PRE make for a convenient and streamlined workflow, its ability to live near the instruments you’re miking enables you to maintain a shorter signal path from mic to preamp without signal having to flow through wall plate connectors.

Avid Pro Tools | PRE in one take:

• Eight discrete matched transistor hybrid microphone preamps
• Fully remote-controllable from within Pro Tools | HD or via an Avid control surface
• Input gain variable from 0 dB to +69 dB, in approximately 3 dB steps, with an optional –18 dB pad
• Balanced insert points (send and return) on all channels, for easy integration of outboard gear, such as compressors or EQs
• Up to nine PREs supported through software for up to 72 remote-controlled channels
• Support for mic (XLR), direct instrument (DI), and line level inputs (1/4″)
• DB-25 analog outputs for easy connection to Pro Tools audio interfaces or any other recording/mixing medium
• 85Hz High-pass filter, phase reverse, and 48V phantom power
• Selectable impedance matching for mic, line, or instrument inputs
• MIDI in/out/thru ports for remote operation
• All features available in standalone mode

Hear what you’ve actually recorded

As George Massenburg once said, you can’t make intelligent mix decisions if you can’t hear what you actually recorded. Hence, the need for discrete transistor circuitry where the best possible noise performance is required. Discrete bipolar transistors outperform op-amps, particularly with low-source resistances. Discrete transistor design is also imperative for the best possible noise performance. Op-amps show crossover artifacts on the distortion residual, whereas discrete designs avoid the crossover problem completely. The result is that the Pro|Tools PRE gives you better audio fidelity and wider dynamic range. Don’t forget that transparent doesn’t have to mean sterile. The Pro Tools|PRE not only captures every detail of a sound source, but also retains their warmth and presence.

Set levels without leaving the mix position

The remote control capabilities of the Pro Tools|PRE not only lets you take advantage of a shorter signal path by placing it in your live room, it also lets you avoid connectors in the signal path between mic and preamp—and physical connectors always degrade signal to some degree. If audiophile recording at its finest is your goal, the Pro Tools|PRE is the answer. Better still, your ability to control the surface directly from Pro Tools or an Avid control surface, such as the S6, enables you to work faster.

The Pro Tools|PRE lets you view the current input gain of any selected channel and easily boost or attenuate in increments of 3 dB—right from Pro Tools or a control surface. You can also control input gain, input source, channel selection, high-pass filter, phantom power, inserts, and more, without leaving the DAW screen—and as we all know, the essence of engineering is laziness. Additionally, you can easily recall settings later tracking sessions.

What’s in the box?

The sleek-looking front panel of the Pro Tools|PRE features activity and remote LEDs; shift, oscillator, and MIDI channel switches; a gain/parameter display; 14-segment peak meter with clip indicator; peak hold, source, and input impedance buttons; and 48V phantom power, insert, pad, phase invert, and 85Hz high-pass filter buttons. There are also indicators for each channel the display signal presence/clip, phantom power, insert, pad phase, and high-pass filter. Beneath the indicators are channel-select and mute switches with LED indicators.

Rear-panel connectivity includes eight XLR inputs with high-performance, matched-transistor, hybrid mic preamp circuits, and eight 1/4″ line/instrument inputs. Each channel also has output trim controls to individually calibrate each channel’s output and send level. You also have eight sends and returns for outboard processing gear. Along with MIDI in/out/thru connectors and a DB-25 connector for channel 1-8 outputs, there is also a balanced ¼” TRS oscillator output (+4dBu @ 1kHz) for calibrating inputs of gear not connected via the DB-25 output.

Interact with your inputs

Easily select any of the eight channels and engage PRE’s built-in high pass filter, phase reverse, 48V of phantom power, Line/DI select, and/or the -18 dB pad. You can even conveniently mute channels right from the interface.

Experience seamless integration

Like all Pro Tools | HD Series interfaces, PRE tightly integrates into any Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native workflow. That integration extends down into the software too, enabling you to gain complete control of your inputs and inserts right from the Pro Tools | HD software interface. No matter how hard you push it, you can expect maximum performance and reliability every time.

Get standalone flexibility

You can also use Pro Tools|PRE as a standalone mic preamp outside of your Pro Tools|HD system. In standalone mode, simply access all of the features using the various switches and controls on the front of the interface or remotely. This gives you a lot of flexibility to use PRE with other recording setups.

Streamline your mic setup and Pro Tools workflow with eight channels of audiophile-quality, remote-controlled preamps. For more information about Avid Pro Tools|PRE, call or chat with your Westlake Pro audio expert today.


Avid Pro Tools | PRE specifications:

Input Stage

• Circuit topology: discrete matched transistor hybrid
• Input gain: 0dB to +69dB in ~3dB steps, with -18dB pad engaged; -18dB to +51dB
• Maximum input level: +47dBu, pad in, @ 1kHz, < 0.1% THD
• Mic E.I.N (un-weighted): -128dB @ 66dB gain (20Hz to 20kHz) 150 ohm
• THD+N:< 0.0005% @ 1kHz, 0dB gain @ 20dB signal; < 0.001% (20Hz to 20kHz), 0dB gain @ 0dB signal
• CMMRR:< -75dB @ 1kHz, 140mVcm, +6dB gain
• Crosstalk:< -90dB (20Hz – 20kHz)
• Frequency response: ±0.1dB; 20Hz to 20kHz, @ +48dB gain
• Input impedance (input Z): 1.5kohm (low); 15kohm (mid); 1.5Mohm (high)
• Phantom power: 48V +/- 1V
• High-pass filter: -3 dB @ 85 Hz, 18 dB/octave
• Maximum output level: +29dBu, balanced, @ 1 kHz, < 0.1% THD

Output Stage

• 110/220 Volt 60/50Hz (auto-sensing)
• AC line current = 6A
• 400-watt maximum

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 19 × 4 in

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