Avantone CLA-10 Passive Studio Monitors (Pair)


Recreation of the legendary NS-10 studio monitors (Passive Version, Pair)

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Meet The CLA-10:

Avantone has teamed up with Chris Lord Alge to recreate the world’s most notorious set of studio monitors. In other words, the CLA-10 are what happens when two of audio’s biggest names bring back a classic. Being reverse engineered from start to finish and tested for sonic accuracy, the CLA-10 offer all of the benefits of the original NS10s.

CLA-10 In One Take:

  • Faithful recreation of the classic NS10s
  • Tested and developed with GRAMMY winner Chris Lord Alge for accuracy
  • Available as both Active and Passive models
  • New Tweeter Tone Control
  • Ultra-fast transient response
  • Honest, detailed midrange response – just like the original

The Woofer

Avantone’s original AV10 MLF is a pressed cone, as opposed to a glued overlapping seam like the original NS10. They chose the pressed cone due to the ease of replicability, but the tonal qualities of a glued overlapping seam were taken into consideration when designing the cone.

The Tweeter

Avantone’s original AV10 MHF is a replica of the original NS10 tweeters. These are even sold individually as replacement parts for anybody who owns NS10s in need of repair. The active CLA-10 come equipped with a knob on the back to control the highs exclusively on the tweeter, allowing the CLA-10 to replicate the sound of each NS10 revision. With this, you can adjust the tone of the CLA-10 to match your studio.

Behind The Charm

Quite frankly, there isn’t anything inherently hi-fi about the sound of the original NS10s. Some would even say that the original NS10s don’t sound that great. So why are they still a studio standard around the world? The answer is in the amazingly accurate midrange representation. This allows engineers and producers to hear every nuance in the most problematic frequency ranges. Because of this, the original NS10s have proven to be essential when placing mics, adjusting EQ during a mix, and checking your master for accuracy.

If it sounds good on these, it’ll sound great on anything

With the CLA-10, Avantone has succeeded in providing the same honest midrange presentation trusted by engineers around the world. Of course, the CLA-10 perfectly replicate the lightning-fast transient response of the original, ensuring your mix is as punchy as it is balanced. Just like the original NS10, if your mix sounds good on the CLA-10, it will sound great on almost any other system!


  • Available in both passive and active models
  • 8 Ohms.
  • 7″ Woofer.
  • 1-⅜” Tweeter.
  • 60Hz-20kHz.
  • 6.3kg / 13.9 Lbs (each).
  • 381.5mm x 215mm x197.5mm ( 15”x 8 ½”x 7- ¾ ” )

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