ATC SCM 0.1-15ASL 15″ Subwoofer


15″, downward-firing SL subwoofer

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The SCM0.1/15ASL Super Linear 15″ subwoofer offers extended low-frequency output to the lowest audible octave, wide dynamic range, and built-in 650W RMS amp pack with FET momentary gain reduction circuits

The ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL represents the pinnacle of subwoofer design. It features ATC’s largest Super Linear (SL) bass driver (15″), which reduces 3rd-order harmonic distortion by -35dB—the lowest of any large sub currently on the market. Powering the SCM 0.1/15ASL is ATC’s 1000W, high-speed amplifier, delivering an amazing 118dB SPL at 28Hz. The SCM0.1/15ASL is downward-firing, which makes room placement easier. It has a control panel with gain control, low-pass filter, and peak-type filter boost at 100Hz to compensate for AC3 or deficiencies in source material. The most distinguishing feature of the ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL is its highly accurate bass reproduction, which by design, is not meant to shake the floors or pin clients against the back wall of the control room. With an SCM 0.1/15ASL, the order of the day is to provide the truest possible reproduction of low frequencies in order to make well-informed mix decisions.

ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL Subwoofer in one take:

  • Extended low frequency output to the lowest audible octave
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Super Linear 15″ bass driver with 3″ voice coil for deep bass and low distortion
  • Built-in 650W RMS amp pack featuring FET momentary gain-reduction circuits
  • User-selectable low-pass filters for easy integration into a wide range of environments
  • variable phase
  • Convection-cooled for silent operation
  • 6-year warranty

Lowest distortion

The frequency response of the SCM 0.1/15ASL is flat down to 28Hz, providing the lowest distortion of any subwoofer. Truth be told, what people perceive as massive bass is mostly a tremendous amount of distortion, in some cases up to 40-50% of overall output at 200-300Hz.

The ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL sub is not meant to overwhelm with bass. Rather than ‘seeing bass through a screen,’ it’s a precision tool providing a clear, clean window to the world below 100Hz. If you are making critical judgments on bass content, the way to do so properly is with the ATC sub.

Super Linear Magnet Technology

ATC has spent considerable time, energy, and research into improving the response of moving-coil loudspeakers. ATC’s Super Linear Magnetic System achieves that, by overcoming detrimental effects of magnetic hysteresis. The magnetic characteristic of the steel used in the magnet assembly of a loudspeaker is inherently non-linear due to magnetic hysteresis (a lag in physical response reacting to changes of magnetic forces). This results in distortion of the input signal in the loudspeaker causing audible coloration.

ATC’s super linear magnet adds rings of SLMM (Super Linear Magnetic Material) to the magnet assembly pole and front plate adjacent to and concentric with the loudspeaker voice coil. The effect of the rings is to reduce 3rd-order harmonic distortion by between 10-15dB between 100Hz and 3kHz.

The addition of the SLMM dramatically reduces distortion, producing a significant improvement in sound quality, revealing another layer of information to the listener. Ambient sounds and low-level effects previously masked are now clearly audible, creating an enhanced sense of realism.

On-board control panel

Since purity of sound is what ATC lives by, ATC a built-in control panel is included to obviate the need for bass management systems. The reason for this is because bass management filtering artificially colors the main speaker sound and introduces filter/phase issues. In essence, bass management was mainly created to protect woofers in tiny satellites, not to improve overall response or transition between sub and mains. ATC also recommends avoiding the use of bass roll-off as well.

The ATC sub has dual XLR (L/R) inputs, amp gain control, low-pass filter with user-selectable frequencies of 2kHz, 180Hz, 120Hz, 90Hz, 70Hz, and 50Hz. There is also a contour control that enables a peak type filter (boost) into the amplifier at around 100Hz if you want to compensate for AC3 or source deficiencies.

A single ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL will deliver output SPL of 118dB (1W/1M). If you need more output you must add units. Two SCM 0.1/15ASLs will output 121dB SPL, four output 124dB SPL, and 8 is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Who Using ATC?

ATC users range from artists such as Sting, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Eric Johnson, Enya, Kate Bush, film composer, James Newton Howard, and many more. ATC users include producer-engineers known for their discriminating ears, such as Bruce Swedien, Hugh Padgham, Chuck Ainley, Ed Cherney, producer-engineer-equipment designer, George Massenburg, mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, and John McBride of Blackbird Studios. ATC monitors are also in use at recording studios, soundstages and broadcast facilities, such as East West Studios, Air London, Sony Music Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, and BBC UK, to name a few. Even pro audio equipment manufacturers who depend on critical listening for product design depend on ATC, including Shure Microphones and Dolby Laboratories.

ATC SCM 0.1/15ASL Subwoofer specifications:

Driver: LF 15″/375mm
Amplitude linearity (±2dB): 30Hz-300Hz
Cutoff frequency (-6dB, free-standing): 20Hz
Max. continuous SPL (1 meter): 115dB
Input connectors: Male XLR
Input sensitivity: 1V
Input impedance: Balanced > 10kΩ
Amplifier output: Bass 650W
Filters: Even Order Critically Damped
Overload protection: Active FET momentary gain reduction
Panel indicators: Power On indicator
Dimensions (H x W x D ): 24-19/32″ x 22-13/16″ x 22-13/16″ (624 x 580 x 580mm)
Weight: 132 lb. / 60kg

Additional information

Frequency Response

30Hz – 300Hz








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