ATC 12P1 Pro


Bundle, PAIR of SCM12 Pro speakers and ONE P1 amplifier

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ATC 12P1 Pro is a complete monitoring system comprising a pair of ATC SCM12 Pro passive monitors and the ATC P1 Pro Dual-Mono Power Amplifier

ATC SCM12 Pro passive monitor

The ATC SCM12 Pro compact passive monitor brings world-class ATC monitoring to home and project studios. The most affordable monitor in the ATC line, the SCM12 is the result of several innovative ATC driver technologies. The SCM12 Pro features ATC’s Constrained Layer Damping (CLD), which brings significant performance improvements to bass/mid drivers, by reducing harmonic distortion in the critical midrange, improving frequency response, as well as dispersion. The SCM12 Pro also incorporates ATC’s SH25-76 tweeter, which employs a unique dual-suspension system that eliminates the need for ferro-fluid, which can cause a decline in high-frequency performance as it thickens. These and other proprietary technologies are responsible for the highly accurate sound and long-term reliability of ATC monitors.

ATC SCM12 Pro in one take:

  • Compact high performance 2-way studio monitor
  • For critical nearfield listening in control rooms of all sizes; LCR surround monitoring in small-to-medium control rooms
  • Proprietary ATC 6″/150mm CLD mid/bass driver
  • Proprietary ATC 1″/25mm dual-suspension tweeter
  • Six-year warranty

The ATC P1 Pro Dual-Mono Power Amplifier

The ATC P1 Pro is very high-quality power amp hand-crafted to be the perfect partner for ATC’s high-performance passive monitors. The P1 Pro’s MOSFET Class A/B electronics are housed a boat-anchor solid, 19″ rackmount chassis with a front-panel standby button and L/R clip indicator. It can also be remotely put into standby via a rear-panel connector. The P1 Pro features the same gain reduction and speaker protection circuits found in ATC active monitors, which prevents clipping at high levels, thus protecting monitors from damage while providing an improvement in perceived performance.

ATC P1 Pro Dual-Mono Power Amplifier in one take:

  • True dual-mono design with isolated signal paths delivers full power from both channels with minimal crosstalk
  • Grounded source class A/B circuit topology found in ATC’s renowned active loudspeakers
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth, low distortion, and high dynamic range ensure tonal accuracy and perfectly timed transients
  • No compromise, high-performance power supply and large heat-sinks guarantee outstanding stability and long term reliability
  • A perfect match for any passive studio reference monitor
  • 19″ Rack mountable convection cooled chassis
  • Hand built in the UK with a 6-year warranty

True dual-mono design

The ATC P1 Pro is a true dual-mono design, which means that the signal to the power supplies and return paths are completely separate. This design ensures maximum signal separation and minimum crosstalk, as well as reduced intermodulation distortion between channels is reduced to an absolute minimum at all frequencies. Also, the power delivered from one channel cannot affect the available power from the other channel.

Who Using ATC?

 ATC users range from artists such as Sting, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Eric Johnson, Enya, Kate Bush, film composer, James Newton Howard, and many more. ATC users include producer-engineers known for their discriminating ears, such as Bruce Swedien, Hugh Padgham, Chuck Ainley, Ed Cherney, producer-engineer-equipment designer, George Massenburg, mastering engineer Bob Ludwig, and John McBride of Blackbird Studios. ATC monitors are also in use at recording studios, soundstages and broadcast facilities, such as East West Studios, Air London, Sony Music Studios, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, and BBC UK, to name a few. Even pro audio equipment manufacturers who depend on critical listening for product design depend on ATC, including Shure Microphones and Dolby Laboratories.

The ATC 12P1 Pro bundle is for those intrepid engineers and studios who want to get started tracking and mixing with a complete ATC system without ordering separate units. For more information, call or chat online with your Westlake Pro sales consultant today.


ATC SCM12 Pro specifications:

Drivers: HF ATC 1″/25mm dual suspension Soft Dome (SH25-76 6 Ohm)
LF ATC 6″/150mm Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) (SB50-150CLD 8 Ohm)
Amplitude Linearity: 80Hz – 16kHz (+/-2dB)
Cutoff frequencies: 56Hz – 22kHz (-6dB freestanding)
Dispersion: ±80° Coherent Horizontal, ±10° Coherent Vertical
Maximum Continuous SPL: 108dB (per pair @ 1m)
Crossover-frequency: 2.2kHz
Recommended Power Amplifier: 75 to 300 watts
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohm
Connectors: Binding Posts/4mm Plugs, bi-wire
Cabinet Dimensions (H x W x D): 15-11/16″ x 9-13/32″ x 9-5/16″ (400 x 238 x235mm)
Weight: 24 lb./11kg (per cabinet)


ATC P1 Pro Dual Mono Power Amplifier specifications:

Output Power into 8 ohm: 150W (8 ohm 1kHz, continuous. avg., both channels driven) / 200W @ 4 ohm
Input Sensitivity: 2V RMS (ref. 150W out)
Input Impedance: 10k ohm/leg
Frequency Response: <2Hz – >400kHz (-3dB)
Signal to noise ratio: >115dB (IEC ‘A’)
Crosstalk: >100dB (10Hz – 20kHz)
THD: >0.002%/-95dB (8 ohm, 1kHz, -1dB below full Power)
Damping Factor: >400 (8 ohm)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 5-9/16″ x 19″ x 14-13/32″ /141.1×482.6×365.6mm (3U tall with feet removed)
Weight: 44 lb. (20kg)

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