Arturia WURLI V2

Accurate physical model of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano



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The Wurlitzer V is a high end software recreation of the classic Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.

Unlike sample libraries, its physical modeling engine reproduces the very acoustic properties of reeds, key action and amplification, bringing you high realism while offering maximum flexibility on sound.

As most producers know, the legendary bright and overdriven Wurlitzer sound heard on classic records also comes from the use of fine amplifiers, micing and processing. This is why the Wurlitzer V goes further by putting you in command of a studio from the 70’s, filled with vintage stompboxes and classic tube amps… everything you need to get a true classic vibe!

If you are looking for a lively electric piano combined with inspiring studio tools, the Wurlitzer V is the ultimate package.


The legendary Wurlitzer EP 200A was the high end model of the Wulitzer reed-based piano line. It was introduced in 1972 and produced until 1982.

Its sound was a little brighter than the Fender Rhodes when played softly and became more overdriven as the attack was more pronounced. This unique dynamic range, mainly due to tighter reeds, was very appreciated by funk players who could express their nuances and rhythmic playing.

The Wurlitzer quickly reached immense succes among pop and rock bands, where its thicker and rougher tone easily fit in the mix.

Favored by Supertramp (“The Logical Song”), the Beatles (“I am the Walrus”), Ray Charles (“What’d I say”), Marvin Gaye (“I Heard It Throught The Grapevine”), the Rolling Stones (“Miss You”), the Wurlitzer 200A was also reputed to make a great combination with tube amps, such as the Fender Bassman and Twin Reverb, because their nice overdrive and spring reverb contributed to opening the sound even more.

The 200A also accepted different effect units very well, such as analog chorus, phaser, tape echo, which were nice tricks to bring additional lushness and depth to the sound.
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As the Wurlitzer pianos in good shape are sadly quite rare today, Arturia is proud to revive this classic by introducing a high end physical modeling reproduction.
Where most sample libraries would only focus on recording several facettes of the instrument, the Wurlitzer V brings you an in-depth reproduction, along with a complete studio environment to fully experience the feeling of this electric piano.


Physical modeling synthesis is a method in which the waveform of the sound to be generated is computed by using a mathematical model, being a set of equations and algorithms to simulate a physical source of sound.
Our brand new physical model has been implemented in the Wurlitzer V. It models all components of the Wurlitzer piano with attention to details, including the reeds and hammers themselves, but also the mechanism and action, not forgetting the internal amplification system and acoustic properties of the plastic body.

The Wurlitzer V carefully emulates the traditional “bag of shot” genuine piano action present in the 200A as pictured below, with the hammers striking the flat reeds at around their center point, causing the reed to vibrate and be converted into electric energy by electrostatic pickups.


The result of physical modeling allows notes to be really played (“constructed” in real-time, like on a real Wurlitzer). The sound is alive, not static: it is not a simple recording, but a genuine instrument that responds to the player´s interpretation. Moreover, it´s really light on the computer, does not require storing a huge collection of samples, and avoids the nightmare of tuning each reed.

The Wurlitzer V allows the musician to interact with the sound, by bringing in-depth parameters right on the main panel.
These parameters allow for deep sound design capabilities, and let you tailor the sound you are looking for in unique ways. This is why the Wurlitzer V is not only great at offering an accurate recreation of the legendary Wurlitzer keyboards, but also ideal for sound-design experiments and creations.


The Wurlitzer V carefully emulates the traditional “bag of shot” genuine piano action present in the 200-A as pictured above, with the hammers striking the flat reeds at around centrepoint, causing the reed to vibrate and be converted in electric energy by electrostatic pickups.

The Wurlitzer V not only side-steps the nightmare of tuning the reeds manually, but also comes with a very intuitive way of mapping your favorite MIDI controller.

Thanks to automatic learning, assigning a control is a breeze. Simply click on a control in MIDI mode, then move the slider or knob on your controller that you want assigned to Wurlitzer V.

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