Antelope Goliath HD—Pro Tools HDX/Native Audio Interface


64-channel Pro Tools HDX, Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and MADI audio interface with AntelopeÕs world-renowned ADA and clocking, 16 preamps, touchscreen control, high-quality effects, reamping, inserts, talkback, and more

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Antelope Goliath HD—Pro Tools HDX, Thunderbolt 2, USB 3.0, and MADI Audio Interface

Antelope Goliath HD 24-bit/192kHz, 64-channel interface can seamlessly integrate with Pro Tools HD and native systems simultaneously, and features 16 preamps, eight instrument inputs, transformer-balanced reamping, touchscreen control, talkback, audiophile-quality conversion and monitor outs, plus tracking through Antelope’s authentic-sounding real-time effects

The Antelope Audio Goliath HD is as big a deal as the name implies, and when it comes to tying together a critical studio control room, contrary to legend, the little guy isn’t going to win this one. The Goliath HD is designed to integrate seamlessly with Pro Tools | HD via Pro Tools mini HDX connectors, as well as native DAWs via USB 3.0, Thunderbolt 2, and two MADI optical ports Better still, it can work with Pro Tools HD and native systems simultaneously, as well as the Antelope Orion 32. With Antelope’s renowned, proprietary clocking and ESS technologies audiophile conversion at its core, the Goliath HD packs a mighty wallop, featuring 32×32 analog I/O, 16 Antelope Accsonic preamps, eight instrument inputs, 2 transformer re-amp outputs, front-panel talkback mic, two headphone outputs, analog inserts, mastering-grade monitor outputs, and the icing on the cake, Antelope’s authentic real-time effects modeling.

Antelope Audio Goliath HD in one take:

  • 16 Class-A, Accusonic mic preamps with a 124dB DNR; mic, line, and Hi-Z, inputs
  • 64-channel simultaneous streaming, 24-bit/192kHz audio via HDX, Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, and MADI (to Dante Bridge), ADAT, S/PDIF, and DB-25
  • Work in multiple DAWs simultaneously with HDX, Thunderbolt 2, and USB 3.0
  • Latest generation audiophile-grade conversion by ESS Technologies, paired with Antelope’s proprietary 64-bit (AFC) (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology, with BNC Word Clock I/O plus Antelope’s 10M Atomic Input
  • Proprietary FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) for authentic physical modeling of vintage EQs, compressors, guitar amps and cabinets; maintaining multiple mixers, and zero-latency, real-time effects processing
  • Mastering grade monitor outputs with increased dynamic range of 132dB
  • Touchscreen, enhanced front panel, comprehensive routing, mixing and real-time effects processing via OSX- and Windows-compatible panel and mobile apps

INSIDE THE BOX—Antelope Goliath HD

A 64-channel audio interface, Goliath HD is packed with the most comprehensive I/O around, including dual Pro Tools mini-HDX connectors, dual MADI optical I/O ports (to Dante Bridge) for up to 128 channels, plus a USB 3.0 Super-Speed, type B connector, as well as ADAT, S/PDIF, DB-25 connectors, and word-clock I/O over BNC. Along with 16 analog line inputs over DB-25, the Goliath HD also has 16 of Antelope’s high-quality Accusonic preamps, with XLR/TRS combo-jack mic/line inputs and individual level controls. The preamps also feature an extremely low THD+N of -112dB (where 0dB is the total signal), which maintain clarity as more tracks are layered. On the output side, there are 32 analog outs via DB-25 that feature a 129dB dynamic range, and mastering-grade monitor outputs with an amazing DNR of 132dB, thanks to yet another proprietary Antelope technology. Overall, the Goliath HD maintains ultra-low THD+N from analog I/O to converters to maintain the ultimate in clarity.Providing even more ways to get sound in and out of your DAW, along with sound-shaping capabilities, Goliath HD comes with eight Hi-Z instrument inputs, two transformer-balanced outputs for instrument re-amping, built-in front-panel talkback mic to commune with artists and other studio flora and fauna, two headphone outs and a pair of analog inserts for additional outboard processing. Goliath HD also has AES, ADAT, and S/PDIF connectivity.

Work in multiple DAWs simultaneously

With Pro Tools HDX mini connectors and USB 3.0, Pro Tools HD-equipped studios can accommodate guest producers with laptops and who can connect to Goliath HD and work on projects simultaneously. Additionally, Goliath HD guarantees quiet operation for the increasingly popular control room tracking, with musicians and engineer in the same space. Who knows, Goliath may actually make machine rooms a thing of the past. Additionally, thanks to Antelope’s proprietary HDX Delay Compensation, any analog or digital input will arrive in the Pro Tools | HD timeline with sample accuracy.

Antelope clocking and ESS converters for stellar sound

Key to Goliath HD’s sound quality it the combination of ESS Technologies latest generation converters with Antelope’s acclaimed proprietary clocking technologies. ESS Technologies converters are the gold standard for audiophile-quality conversion, while Antelope’s renowned clocking technologies include their oven-controlled crystal oscillator found in Antelope’s high-end crystal-based master clocks, and acoustically focused clocking (AFC) jitter management algorithm. The Goliath HD features OCX HD and Trinity-sounding audio clocking, plus for optimum detail and soundstage befitting master quality, Goliath HD can be synced to the extremely accurate Rubidium Atomic Clock 10MX. It’s BNC I/O enables it to be used for loop sync, or a master clock for your studio.

What is AFC?

AFC is an approach to digital clocking and jitter control. Since there is no standard specification for jitter or universal standard to measure sound quality, Antelope’s approach to clock design is based on the actual acoustic properties of sound. Precisely how AFC is achieved is, of course, Antelope’s secret to keep. However, the results are obvious to any recording or mastering engineer who’s put Antelope clocks in his signal chain, such as master mixer Michael Brauer, who relies on Antelope’s 10M and Trinity and insists his mastering engineer uses the same setup to preserve the spaciousness and sonic integrity of his mixes.

Antelope Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

To achieve high-quality audio, a precision clock oscillator is essential. Oscillator accuracy is compromised when exposed to fluctuations in temperature caused by electronic producing heat. By housing the clock in a shielded container, or “oven,” as it is known to Antelope, a constant temperature is maintained, thus preventing fluctuations, while maintaining high-precision accuracy. The result is a significant, audible improvement in detail, dynamics, and stereo imaging.

Real-time tracking and processing via FPGA effects

 Rather than depend on third-party plug-ins and ever-changing compatibility issues, Goliath HD come loaded with Antelope’s full complement of hardware-based FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) effects. Because these effects are a function of the FPGA hardware and component modeling, they behave and sound like actual analog gear, providing the most authentic and realistic-sounding vintage EQs, compressors, and guitar amp and cabinet models on the market. You can track a vocalist with a zero-latency headphone mix with comfort effects, or record a guitar part with “live room” feel and tone, via amp and cabinet effects, plus you can select the mic that “hears” it, and change its position on a virtual speaker interface. Goliath HD takes recording a drum kit to another level its 16 mics preamps through FPGA in real-time.

You can also save presets for your go-to instrument and vocal signal chains, which can be recalled or shared with other Antelope-equipped studios.

About FPGA

To achieve its amazing low-latency real-time tracking through effects and multiple monitor mixes, Goliath HD uses the powerful Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). “Field programmable” simply means user programmable. FPGAs can be reprogrammed to desired applications. Rather than a single path from input to output found in most other devices, Antelope’s FPGA has several parallel paths for ultra high performance. FPGAs easily push the 500MHz performance barrier with unprecedented logic density increases and a host of other features, such as embedded processors, DSP blocks, clocking, and high-speed serial. In the hands of a master programmer, such as Antelope’s Igor Levin, who coaxed more performance out of USB than anyone before him did; Antelope’s custom FPGA provides eight times the DSP processing speed than ASICs used in similar devices. This allows fast and easy simultaneous processing of multiple effects, better sound quality, and much lower latency.

Thanks to Antelope’s FPGA implementation, you can pile on as many effects per channel without maxing out the Goliath HD’s DSP—and it all happens before audio reaches your DAW, which saves resources for your processor-intensive plug-ins.

Antelope Goliath HD Included FPGA FX:

Equalizer Legends:

  • VEQ-STU 089
  • VEQ-STU 169
  • VEQ-STU 900
  • VEQ HA32C
  • BAE 1023
  • BAE 1084
  • NEU-W492
  • NEU-W495
  • VEQ-4K Black
  • VEQ-4k Brown
  • VEQ-4K Pink
  • VEQ-4K Orange
  • BAE-1073
  • VEQ – 1A
  • VMEQ-5
  • VEQ-55A
  • UK-69
  • Parametric 5-band Integrated EQ

Vintage Compressors:

  • FET-A76
  • Antelope Feed-forward Compressor


New reverb featuring unique algorithms and proprietary FPGA chip for expensive-sounding reverb

  The Guitar Classics:


  • Darkface 65 2×12
  • Top30 2×12
  • Green 2×12
  • Vintage 4×12
  • Green 4×12
  • Caliper50 1×10
  • Clst 1×12
  • England4x12
  • Modern 4×12
  • Bluelux 1×12

Guitar Amps:

  • Darkface 65 US
  • Top32 UK
  • Modern US
  • Plexi 59 UK
  • Rock 22.10 UK
  • Rock 75 UK
  • Marcus II US
  • Tweed
  • Deluxe US
  • Overange 120 UK
  • BurnSphere DE


  • California121 Ribbon
  • Austria Gold 414
  • American57
  • German FET87.

Revised Touchscreen display and enhanced front panel

Goliath HD features a newly redesigned front panel, with enhanced monitor and level indicators. Its high-resolution Touchscreen displays multi-channel metering and provides quick and easy access to preferences, presets, and clocking modes for HD or Native interfacing. You can also control Goliath HD remotely (great for live venues or setting mics and levels without running back and forth from live room to control room) with dedicated Android and iOS compatible mobile apps that can turn your smartphone or tablet into a powerful remote control. In addition, Goliath HD’s Session Presets are just what the doctor ordered for complex setups and projects.

Antelope Goliath HD Full Feature List:

  • Integrated Real-Time Effects: EQs, Compressors, Reverb, Guitar Amps & Cabinets
  • Proprietary FPGA with massive modeling capabilities
  • HDX, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt Gen2 & MADI connectivity
  • Antelope Audio renowned clocking and enhanced conversion
  • Proprietary HDX Delay Compensation
  • 16 Accusonic mic preamps with phantom power, dedicated knobs & level meters
  • 16 Line Inputs on two D-SUB 25
  • 32 Line Outputs on four D-SUB 25
  • Two premium Re-amp outputs
  • Mastering grade monitor outputs with 132 dB dynamic range
  • Two independently assignable headphone outputs
  • AES, MADI, ADAT and S/PDIF connectivity
  • Talkback functionality
  • Redesigned front panel with enhanced monitor & level indicators
  • Multi-functional touch screen display

Technical Specifications


Analog Inputs

  • 2 × DB25 (16 channels total)
  • 16 × Mic / Line on XLR combos
  • 4 × Hi-Z 1/4″” TRS

Analog Inserts

2 × Inserts on 1/4″ TRS (dedicated for inputs 1, 2)

Analog Outputs

  • 4 × DB25 (32 channels total)
  • 1 × Stereo pair of Monitor outs on 1/4″” TRS
  • 2 × Stereo Headphone outs on 1/4″” TRS
  • 2 × ReAmp outs on 1/4” TRS

D/A Monitor Converter

Dynamic Range: 132dB

THD + N: -108dB

A/D Converter

Dynamic Range: 124 dB

THD + N: -112 dB

D/A Converters

Dynamic Range: 129 dB

THD + N: -120 dB

Mic Preamp

Gain: 0,10 – 65 dB

THD + N: -112 dB


Digital Inputs

  • 2 × ADAT (up to 16 channels)
  • 1 × S/PDIF
  • 1 × AES/EBU (8 channels)
  • 2 × MADI

Digital Outputs

  • 2 × ADAT (up to 16 channels)
  • 1 × S/PDIF
  • 1 × AES/EBU
  • 2 x MADI


USB 3.0 Super-Speed, Type B connector

Thunderbolt™ I/O

1 x Thunderbolt™ Gen2


2 x mini HDX connectors for direct Pro Tools connection, 32 Channels I/O each (total of 64 channels)


Word Clock Input

1 x Input @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC

Atomic Clock Input

1 x 10M Input @ 75 Ohms 1Vpp on BNC

Word Clock Outputs

2 x Outputs @ 75 Ohms 3Vpp on BNC

Clocking System

  • 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
  • 64-bit DDS
  • Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

Clock Stability

<+/-0.02 ppm, oven controlled at 64.5ºC/ 148.1ºF

Clock Aging

< 1 ppm per year

Clock Calibration

< +/-0.001 ppm

Sample Rates (kHz)

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192


Operating Temperature

0-50°C, 32-122°F


6.8 kg/ 15 lbs (approx )

Dimensions (approx)

  • Width: 483 mm / 19”
  • Height: 81 mm / 3.2”
  • Depth: 279 mm / 11”

Electrical specs

AC Universal input: ~95-245 V

Power Consumption: 50 Watts Max

In the box

  • Goliath – ThunderboltTM and USB AD/DA Interface
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • 1 AEC Power cable
  • 1 USB cable 

System requirements 


OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space

USB: 1x USB 2.0 Port

Required USB bandwidth: 80%-90%

CPU: Intel or AMD equivalent CPU with at least 2GHz operating frequency

Memory (RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more Recommended)


OS X: 10.9/10.10/10.11/10.12 (El Capitan 10.11.6 Recommended)

Disk Space: Minimum 512 MB available disk space

USB: 1x USB 2.0/3.0 Port

Thunderbolt: 1x Thunderbolt/USB-C Port

Required USB bandwidth: 80%-90%

Memory(RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more recommended)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (Minimum) Intel Core i3 ™ or higher (Recommended)

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 19 x 4 in
Pro Tools HD


Headphone Jack


Monitor Outs


Work Clock


Bit Depth


Phantom Power


Sample Rate




Connection Type

Thunderbolt 2/USB


64 in x 64 out


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