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ADAM Audio A3X+Sub7 2.1 Monitor Bundle


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The ADAM Audio A3X+Sub7 2.1 monitor bundle is a matched system for small studios, comprising two ADAM A3X nearfield monitors and one ADAM Sub7 subwoofer. The A3X+Sub7 bundle has a frequency range of 32Hz-50kHz with a maximum SPL of 107dB

The ADAM A3X 4.5″ 2-Way Monitor

The ADAM A3X is a small, self-powered desktop monitor for the space-challenged or mobile studio on a budget, looking for quality monitoring. Despite its small size and affordability, the A3X meets professional standards in accurate sound reproduction, particularly in the all-too critical 200-400Hz range, where mud and boxiness lives. The ADAM A3X also provides a three-dimensional soundfield, defined instrument spatialization, and a bass response that’s controlled and deeper than one would expect from a monitor of its size. What sets the A3X apart from other monitors is ADAM’s precision X-ART ribbon tweeter, which not only produces excellent transient response and ultra-wide bandwidth up to 50kHz, but also does so in a very musical way that’s easy on the ears—a major bonus for long mixing sessions.

ADAM A3X monitor in one take:

  • Precision X-ART tweeter handmade in Germany
  • 4.5″ woofer (carbon fiber)
  • Amp power RMS / Music: 50W / 80W
  • Stereolink volume control
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz – 50kHz
  • SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥106dB

The ADAM Sub7  7″, 140W subwoofer 

One of the worst-kept secrets in the physics of sound reproduction is that small drivers under six inches have difficulty with low frequencies, and require help—usually in the form of bass reflex ports or a subwoofer. However, it would be disproportionate to add a big 1000W sub to a system comprised of small monitors, such the ADAM A5, A7, or those in the AX series, for which ADAM built the Sub7 to be a perfect match. The Sub7 features a 7″ driver and 140W RMS amplifier in a small cabinet that fits easily where studio real estate is in limited supply. It cranks out a punchy, powerful bass down to 32Hz that is both accurate and realistic. To make adjustments without having to leave your sweet spot (or sofa if you’re using the Sub7 for a home theater), ADAM Audio has bestowed the Sub7 with a wireless remote control that allow you to control input level and crossover.

ADAM Sub7 subwoofer in one take:

  • 7″ Subwoofer (paper)
  • Amplifier Power RMS / Music: 140 W / 210 W
  • Frequency Response: 32 Hz – 150 Hz
  • Max. peak SPL at 1 m: ≥107 dB
  • Wireless remote Control

If you’re looking for a compact 2.1 monitor system that punches way out of its weight class, talk to your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant about outfitting your studio with an ADAM A3X+Sub7 bundle today.