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ADAM Audio A8X Powered Studio Monitor

Nearfield Monitor 2-way 8″ Woofer


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The ADAM A8X is an 8.5″ powered 2-way nearfield monitor with enough power and bass extension to function as a midfield monitor, featuring ADAM’s proprietary, highly musical ribbon tweeter and 50W/150W bi-amplification

Not just a larger and more powerful model in ADAM’s AX series, the A8X can be used as both a nearfield and midfield monitor. Like other monitors in AX series, the upper corners of the A8X are slanted to minimize cabinet reflections, which otherwise can cause comb filtering when combined with the direct sound. The A8X also features the X-ART tweeter, providing a flat response out to 50kHz, which results in greater reality in the audible spectrum. When you factor in its powerful A/B power amplifier, the ADAM A8X is able to generate impressive sound. As such, it provides an affordable entry into midfield monitoring, which enables you to impress clients when it’s time to crank up the volume and enjoy the full power of the mix.

ADAM A8X powered nearfield monitor in one take:

  • X-ART tweeter
  • 8.5″ carbon/Rohacell®/glass fiber mid/woofer
  • 50W/150W bi-amplification
  • On/off switch and front-panel volume control
  • Tweeter gain and 2 shelf filters on the rear panel
  • Frequency response from 38Hz to 50kHz
  • XLR and RCA connectors
  • 120dB max. peak SPL per pair
  • 5-year warranty

Precision X-ART tweeter

The X-ART tweeter comprises a corrugated ribbon diaphragm, in which the folds compress or expand according to the audio signal applied to them. By folding the X-ART diaphragm a larger foil can be used, increasing the acoustically effective area of the diaphragm by a factor of more than 2.5 times over conventional dome tweeters. This results in higher dynamic output with extremely wide dispersion. With the increased surface area, the X-ART tweeter shows an improvement in air loading by a factor of 4 over conventional transducers, providing 4dB higher efficiency and reproducing frequencies accurately all the way to 50kHz. The linear response to 50kHz reduces in-band phase shift, which has a profound effect in the audible spectrum: less coloration, more realistic space and depth, and better perceived dynamic realism,

In addition, the X-ART tweeter’s folded membrane avoids the typical breakup/distortion and subsequent dynamic limiting at higher frequencies found in dome and cone tweeters. Another positive result of the X-ART design is that the driving ”stripes” are in direct contact with the outer air and are cooled immediately.

A/B Amplifier

Since the X-ART tweeter has an extended frequency range, it presents problems with the use of pulse-width modulation, or switching amplifiers, which are known for their efficiency. However, PWM amplifiers require a low-pass filter to separate the modulation frequency from the audio band, which in turn could limit the high-frequency reproduction capabilities of the X-ART tweeter.

ADAM engineers put considerable time and effort into creating a high-frequency power amp to allow the X-ART tweeter perform up to its abilities. The result was an ultra-low distortion power amp module that delivers an ultra wide response up to 300 kHz. With nothing limiting the X-ART tweeter, the monitor has unsurpassed clarity and openness which will satisfy the most experienced professional ear.

The tweeter is driven by a 50-watt amplifier and the bass/mid-woofer by a 150-watt PWM (pulse width modulation) amplifier. The amplifier produces a very clean reproduction of the midrange frequencies with a seamless transition in the crossover from the 8.5″ woofer.

A8X controls and I/O

On the rear panel are several controls: a gain for the high frequencies (± 4dB) and two shelf filters for the high and low frequencies. There are both XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors on the rear panel of the speaker, which allow the A8X to be used in different scenarios.

The A8X provides both accurate monitoring and high output, serving double duty as both a precision studio tool and the life of the party. For more information, or to see if the A8X is right for you, call or chat with your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant today.

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 16 in

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