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These Foam Panels are the modular version of the Foam Ladder.

Managing reflections from wall surfaces in larger rooms requires products that have large amounts of surface area to absorb those reflections. Another design requirement is that air must move across both sides of the technology.

Tired of working with dead sounding foam? Want your vocals and music to shine without losing their emotion and energy? Then our unique Acoustic Panels are for you. You get:

  • More absorption below 250 Hz. than standard foams. The panels absorb 30% at 125 Hz., 63% at 250 Hz. and 100% at 500 Hz.
  • A smoother absorption curve from 125 Hz. – 500 Hz. than any other foam on the market. This range is the heart of your vocal and music frequencies.
  • A technology that manages side wall reflections so you can hear the direct sound from your sources and not the reflected energy of your room.
  • A foam that lets your vocals and middle range instruments pop.

What makes Acoustic Fields’ foam unique?

If you’ve ever had the chance to listen to one of your favorite singers in a grand music hall like Carnegie Hall in New York or intimately and up close at a live acoustic gig, then you know what it’s like to hear the brittle timbre in their throats and the emotional breathes and pauses with which they connect you to their soul. To hear that single trumpet note float through the hall and land just on you. It’s this visceral connection to the music we all crave. Those are the hairs on the back of the neck moments which make your passion for music so worthwhile.

And yet when you can’t hear such clarity you end up missing out on the most important emotional elements of your music.

That can happen when you listen or record music in an acoustically untreated room. Your room can blur and smear your precious vocals and instruments leaving you with a compromised listening experience which is, at best, incredibly frustrating and at worst downright exacerbating!

To get the room out of the way you need to improve the definition and clarity of the listening experience. That can only happen when you treat the room correctly keeping the right frequencies in your music, especially the vocals, in mind. That is why we spent so long developing our unique Acoustic Panels for you.

We put the focus on making the vocals and instruments the most important element in the musical presentation so they could shine through and allow you to experience that intimacy with the singers soul and musicians instrument that is oh so important if you are to enjoy those hairs on the back of your neck moments on a regular basis.

After all, what do you want from your acoustic panels? We ask because, before buying any acoustical product or technology, you need to fully understand the problem you have before seeking the solution and the options available to you.

Our foam ladder, is a wood framed unit that surrounds our full sheets of our 2″ thick foam. It measures 24″ x 48″ x 3″

*Units are sold individually.

** Acoustic Fields offers fabric options from Guilford of Maine. Call 323-845-1145 and speak to a Westlake Pro sales expert for details!

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