Acoustic Fields Bass-Blocks


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The Bass-Blocks are the modular version of the ACDA-12.


  • 100% absorption rate at 50 Hz
  • 63% absorption rate at 40 Hz

Are you tired of muddy and sloppy bass making you second guess your mix? Tired of not connecting with your music the way you know it’s possible? Frustrated by the lack of an emotional connection with your songs despite investing a crazy amount of money into your amp, speakers and hi-fi?

Imagine being able to hear incredible bass separation and definition in every piece of music you play and enjoying the sound of your music coming to life as your mids and highs pop like you always dreamt possible. Imagine being able to experience crystal clear attack and decay in each individual bass note in every piece of music you listen to.

With the ACDA-12, you’re going to feel the power of every single bass note in a way that few ever get to hear. It’s that connection to the music which makes all the difference to your enjoyment of it. It’s the dynamics and separation of instruments with crystal clear clarity definition, which creates the spine tingling, hairs on the back of the neck sensation that you desire so much from your mixing efforts and music collection.

ACDA 12 Riverbank Acoustical Labs Testing Results

Finish is a three coat process of clear coat to protect the commercial grade exterior material and carbon technology.

The ACDA-12 STUDIO is a frequency specific absorber that starts at 30 Hz. and goes through 50 Hz. It does this journey with 35 % absorption at 30 Hz., 63% at 40 Hz. and 100% at 50 Hz. This unit is a low frequency, very powerful, “sponge” that you can use to absorb 30 – 50 Hz. unwanted energy within today’s smaller studios.

Live rooms can benefit from this absorption range. Control rooms will require it if dimensions are below 20′ and that is a common concern in today’s smaller rooms. They work well for kick drum unwanted low frequency pressure issues.

Units are 48″ w x 24″ h x 12″ d.

*Units are sold individually.

**Call 323-845-1145 and speak to a Westlake Pro sales expert for details!

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