Condenser Microphone

Aston Spirit in Black

Legendary Sound At An Achievable Price

Designed by a panel of thirty-three top engineers, producers, and artists known as the Aston 33, Aston Microphones Spirit large diaphragm condenser mic accurately captures performance so well that many users reach for it over more expensive microphones in their arsenal.

With anything you record, the Spirit provides a beautifully detailed, transparent, open sound with sparkling highs, producing a stunningly natural recording. The Spirit aids in any recording scenario by utilizing a 1-inch gold evaporated capsule and offering three switchable patterns, two dB pads, and a low-cut filter. From vocals to acoustic guitars and cabs to kick drums and overheads and beyond – breathe life into your recordings with Aston’s Spirit.

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A Free-Spirited Grille

Aston Spirit Wave-Form Spring Head

Sitting on the Spirit is Aston’s signature Wave-Form Spring Head, a genuinely bohemian-designed answer to the standard microphone grille. Tired of having their microphone grilles denting and effectively ruining their investment, the professionals at Aston took a different approach: designing a wave-form outer layer that is shock resistant and takes damage so your capsule doesn’t have to. With this new approach, the metal waves of the head bounce back into normal position when they take a heavy hit and offer a degree of off-axis rejection, ensuring your recording is free of unwanted artifacts.

Aston Spirit Built In Pop Filter

Tired of needing a pop filter for your microphone? So were Aston Microphones. Beneath their Wave-Form Spring Head is a stainless steel mesh-knit pop filter surrounding the capsule. The mesh’s tightly knit, random weave drastically eliminates unwanted plosives and pops at the source. The design also shields the microphone from electromagnetic radiation, making the Spirit ideal for critically sensitive electronic applications. And, because the mesh is stainless steel, it won’t rust and can even be removed for cleaning. This unconventional and unique grille can also be found on Aston’s Origin.

Record Any Scenario At The Flip of A Switch

Aston Spirit Up Close

Take control of your recording session with Aston’s Spirit, fitted with three different polar patterns that are easily switched at the flip of a toggle, enabling gorgeous recordings, whatever your recording scenario. Between Omni, Cardioid, and a Figure-Eight polar pattern, you can capture the sound of a space, the intimacy of a single source, or the cohesion of an ensemble from a single microphone. Due to its unique design and attention to detail, the Spirit excels at capturing most instruments but makes vocals and guitar shine.

Aston Spirit dB Pad & Low-Cut

But the dip switches don’t stop there – Aston’s Spirit microphone also comes packed with a 0 dB, -10 dB, and -20 dB pad allowing users to snare the most bombastic of takes. Engage the -10 dB pad when recording a drum kit or overheads for a silky smooth and crystal clear audio image. And if you’re standing in front of a line of horns and a drum set, kicking it down to the -20 dB pad will accurately catch all of the intricate details of your session without peaking or going into the red. Experiencing too much rumble or low-end? The Spirit also possesses an 80Hz low-cut filter for when those bass drum kicks are too boomy, or you’re out in the field picking up serious wind gusts.

Designed With Ease Of Use In Mind

Aston Spirit End Cap

Unlike any other microphone in and outside its price point, the Spirit stands out with custom molded end caps, integrated XLR, and a built-in universal stand thread adaptor. Due to its build quality, the internal shock absorption system allows users to mount the microphone directly onto a stand with outstandingly low handling noise. This design eliminates the necessity for multiple shock mounts and provides easy access for repairs and maintenance.

Aston Spirit Mantra

Weighing in at just 1.38 lbs, Aston’s Spirit is built like a tank and can withstand years of manhandling, drops, and accidental knocks from positioning. Made from stainless steel and tumbled for 4 hours, the chassis has a beautiful finish that will stand out and hold its form for many years. Thanks to the tumbled finish on the stainless steel chassis, any accidental bumps or scratches that occur are imperceivable to the naked eye.

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