Check out some of the latest releases from top brands. From new mics to next-gen monitors, audiophile converters, and studio essentials, read on to see the hottest items at NAMM 2020! We’ll be updating this list as new announcements are made, so be sure to keep an eye out for the latest announcements. Until then, click the images to read more about each release.

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AMS RMX16-500

Universal Audio LUNA

Warm Audio Bus-Comp

Apogee Symphony Desktop

Barefoot Sound Footprint02


Sequential Pro 3

Moog Subsequent 25

Avid MTRX | Studio

SSL 2+

RME Babyface Pro FS

Avid Pro Tools | HDX Bundles

AMS RMX16-500

The AMS RMX16 was the world’s first microprocessor-controlled, full-bandwidth digital reverberator and characterized enormous numbers of seminal recordings from the 1980s onwards. It has remained an essential piece for any self-respecting studio ever since, and units sell today for a substantial proportion of their original cost due to great desirability.

Now available in a 500 series format, the sound once available only to premier studios is now on tap for a much wider user base. In addition to the 9 standard programs, there are 9 aftermarket programs available to RMX16 users via the unique and now elusive remote control. These 9 extra programs are included in the AMS RMX 16 500 Series Digital Reverb Module.

Barefoot Sound footprint02

The Footprint02 packs everything you love about Barefoot Sound into a nearfield package! But don’t let their small size fool you – Dual-Force subwoofers provide deep lows, while the Dual Ring Radiator tweeters provide a wide sweetspot with incredible dynamic range.
Combined with Barefoot’s Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation, the Footprint02 is a nearfield powerhouse perfect for most any scenario.

Avid mtrx studio

Atmos anywhere. Total studio integration. 64×64 DANTE I/O. 1RU. Has Avid developed the Ultimate Pro Tools interface?

Universal Audio | LUNA

Universal Audio have just announced their latest software development – a DAW recording system designed specifically for flawless integration with your Apollo workflow. Featuring Accelerated Realtime Monitoring, built-in Neve Summing, Multitrack Tape Emulation, and new LUNA Instruments from Universal Audio, Moog Music, Spitfire, and more, LUNA promises a smooth and streamlined recording experience with the rich and unmistakeable sound of UAD-2.

AEA R88A Stereo Ribbon Microphone

The new stereo R88A active ribbon microphone with custom toroid transformers captures sound as your ears hear it with an honest, open tonality. The R88A effortlessly records the sonic intricacies of drums, strings, piano, and other instruments that produce complex transients. The extra 12dB of transformer gain is advantageous when recording quiet sources like vocals or soft acoustic guitars. The active impedance buffers help prevent noise interference on long cable runs or when operating near large lighting rigs.

From natural classical recordings, to drum overheads, guitar mics, and most anything else, look no further than the AEA R88A!

SSL 2+ USB Audio interface

Solid State Logic studio tools have been at the heart of music production for over 40 years, helping world-famous artists, producers and studios to create so many of the records you’ve come to know and love. Now, with SSL 2 and SSL 2+, you get all that hit-making know-how in your own personal studio.

Beautifully SSL-designed analog microphone preamps and immaculate 24/192 kHz conversion for studio-quality recording, pristine monitoring paths and high-performance headphone amps for crystal-clear playback and an intuitive front-panel low-latency monitor mix control, so you’re always ready to capture the next great performance. The ‘Legacy 4K’ mode – inspired by classic SSL consoles, gives you the ability to add extra analog character and sparkle to your sources when needed. To top it all off, the included ‘SSL Production Pack’ software bundle, which includes some of SSL’s own studio-grade Native plug-ins and a carefully selected range of DAWs, samples, loops and virtual instruments from industry leaders, gives you an incredible arsenal of tools for creating your next hit.

Sequential Pro 3 SE

The Sequential Pro 1 and Pro 2 mono synths achieved nearly legendary status in their time. So it was only natural that Sequential build on their strengths with an even more worthy successor. Enter the Pro 3, Sequential’s 2-VCO + wavetable mono/paraphonic synth — a new benchmark for raw sonic power and unrivalled versatility.

The limited Special Edition version packs the same synthesis power in a gorgeous walnut trim with a tilting control panel.

Warm audio bus-comp

The Warm Audio BUS-COMP is an all-analog, 2 channel, stereo VCA bus compressor based on classic circuitry that has provided silky smooth tone for decades.  Stereo VCA bus compressors are masterful at controlling dynamics on many sources, but they have become widely known for their magic touch on stereo mixes.

The BUS-COMP will perform well on stereo mixes, drum mixes, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, keyboards, piano, orchestral instruments, voice-overs and an array of other sources.  The BUS-COMP is primarily designed for stereo use, but it can be used just as successfully on individual mono sources. VCA bus compressors of this type have become widely loved for their ability to control dynamics effortlessly but also for the added tone and depth they provide to the audio signal that passes through them, even when no compression is applied.

RME Babyface pro fs

Created with the highest precision from a block of aluminum, this high-end portable interface incorporated newly designed analog and digital circuits. Its innovative energy-saving technologies provided supreme fidelity with no compromises in level, noise or distortion.

Two digitally controlled preamps provide individually switchable 48V phantom power. These circuits feature a gain range of 76 dB, adjustable in steps of 1 dB, including a relay-driven PAD, resulting in exceptional EIN (Equivalent Input Noise) performance as well as line overload protection, and enough gain for even the lowest level microphones.

Apogee Symphony Desktop

Symphony Desktop for Mac and Windows packs the legendary sound quality of Apogee’s rack-mount Symphony I/O Mk II into an elegant and inspiring 10×14 audio interface that sits on your desk and fits in your bag. With Symphony Desktop, musicians and producers are empowered to record, overdub and mix with the incredible AD/DA converters and mic preamps that Apogee has been known for.

moog subsequent 25

Subsequent 25 is a 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer that melds the hands-on analog soul of classic Moog instruments with the convenience and workflow of a modern sound-design machine. Moog’s most compact keyboard synthesizer, the Subsequent 25 delivers all of the rich sonic density that Moog synthesizers are known for.

The Subsequent 25 packs in tons of modern Moog power in the company’s most portable keyboard yet!

Avid Pro Tools | HDX Bundles

The new Avid Pro Tools HDX bundles provide all the power you need to run even the most demanding sessions. They combine Avid’s industry-leading Pro Tools | Ultimate software with your choice of their powerful HD | Omni or MTRX Studio interfaces. The included Pro Tools HDX card and your choice in Desktop or Rackmount Thunderbolt 3 HDX Chassis create a super-charged system that’s ready for just about any audio job imaginable.

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