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The landscape of today’s audio industry is littered with microphone choices. With so many options, it can be tough to decide what microphone is best for your needs. At Westlake Pro, we pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge when it comes to microphones, and we’re here to help you find a mic that fits your budget and improves your sound.

The Right Mic for the Right Purpose

For live sound, dynamic microphones like the Shure SM58 are commonly used because of their versatility, durability, and dependability. Dynamic microphones are great choices for live vocals, horns, and high-volume sources like guitar amplifiers and snare drums. Condenser microphones require phantom power, tend to provide more clarity, and are commonly used in studio applications. However, often condensers will be used on acoustic instruments or as overheads. Wireless microphones are another option, and prove to be incredibly useful in live performance environments. Save yourself the headache of laying mic cables and give the performer the freedom to roam the stage.

Polar Patterns

When looking at microphones you will often see the terms cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8. These refer to the polar pattern of the microphone, or the area in which the capsule is most sensitive. Cardioid microphones are most sensitive in the front and least sensitive in the back, so they do well at isolating unwanted sounds from bleeding in. An omnidirectional microphone is equally sensitive in all directions, which makes them great as room microphones and a good option for lavalier mics, due to the fact that they don’t have to be pointed in a specific direction. Figure-8 microphones are also referred to as “bidirectional”, in that they are equally sensitive on the front and the rear, but not on the sides. This polar pattern is most often found in ribbon microphones and large diaphragm condensers. It’s important to consider the polar pattern of every microphone you use to be sure that you are placing it properly!

Every studio needs a well-rounded mic locker. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to recording, microphones are essential tools of the trade. It’s important to have the right microphone for every occasion, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. From ribbon mics to pressure zone mics, shock mounts to pop filters, we have the tools that you need to get the sound you’re after. Our experts are on hand Monday – Friday, 9am-6pm PST and ready to help you find the right microphone for you, at a price that won’t be beat, anywhere!

We will beat any price, anywhere. We aim to provide the best service possible, and our staff of experts is ready to get you the gear you need with industry-leading service and support at the best price, guaranteed.