What’s New in Celemony Melodyne 5

The GRAMMY-Winning Melodyne Lineup Receives a Power-Packed Update

The update includes an enhancement that focuses pitch-correction around tonal segments that the human ear picks up; plus new tools for reducing or manipulating sibilance, ignoring non-harmonic noise while tuning vocals or instruments, creating complex chord structures or harmonies, and much more.

What's new in Melodyne 5

Sibilance Control on Steroids

The “Melodic” algorithm used for vocals can now distinguish the unpitched, noise-like components of a note – i.e. sibilants and breaths – from its pitched components. 

Aside from its uses for pitch-correction, this turns Melodyne into possibly the most powerful De-Essing or De-Breath tool on the market today.

A Pitch Control that's Modeled on Human Hearing

A note doesn’t necessarily sound sharp or flat just because it isn’t “spot on” mathematically. Only particular — often very brief — segments of the note annoy us. It is these crucial segments that have to be perfectly in tune; if they are, the note will sound right to us. The presence of any fluctuations before or after to such segments doesn’t trouble us – to the contrary, we feel they add life to the performance and sound natural.

Melodyne now identifies these problem areas precisely, and the offset shown in the Note Inspector is calculated from the pitch of each note at the crucial moment only – not its entire lifetime. As a result, double-clicking (to set a note’s offset to zero) now yields precisely the right musical result. Also the macro profits from this new, even more musical approach: Each individual note is pitched to perfection. Yet everything still sounds natural and alive.

Fix or Find Chords with Stunning New Creative Tools

Create or Discover Vocal or Instrument Harmonies with Ease

Melodyne 5 offers you a chord track that is linked to the Pitch Grid in the Note Editor. You can see which pitches are compatible with the current chord and can adapt the notes accordingly. This makes altering chords or matching samples to your music as easy as the click of a mouse.

Chords on Autopilot

Melodyne’s chord recognition technology can consider tracks either apart or together – even the entire mix – and identify the chords formed when their notes are combined. It analyses your recordings and fills in the Chord Track automatically. 

More New Features

  • Advanced Dynamics Control

    The Fade Tool gives you control over each note individually—even within a chord. The Leveling Macro can raise or lower volume of individual notes in a chord.

  • Percussive Pitch

    This new algorithm was developed especially for instruments like tabla, berimbau or 808-kick, the notes of which – though percussive in character – still have a recognizable pitch.

  • Better Keyboard Shortcuts

    New search function for keyboard shortcuts, the saving of personalized shortcut sets has been improved.

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