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Meet iZotope Neutron 3 | Modern Mixing Redefined

Expanding the Frontiers of Modern Mixing

iZotope has built a name for themselves making innovative audio software with assistance tools that allow users of all experience levels to achieve a polished, clean, professional sound. Award winning products such as RX, Nectar, and Ozone have all taken advantage of iZotope’s cutting edge digital processing to help users achieve stunning audio results quickly and easily. Neutron 3, the latest release from iZotope, is an intelligent interconnected mixing environment that makes it quick and easy for mixing engineers to get a clean and polished mix. With exciting new features like Mix Assistant and the Sculptor Module, along with improvements to favorite features like the Masking Meter, Neutron 3 pushes the frontier forward once again into an even more modern way to mix.

Check Out Our Top Neutron 3 Features Below!

Introducing the Revolutionary New Mix Assistant


By far the most exciting new feature in Neutron 3 is the Mix Assistant (available in Neutron 3 Advanced only). This feature takes the Track Assistant from previous versions to a whole new level by utilizing inter-plugin communication between instances of Neutron. This makes it the first ever plugin that listens to your entire session and sets a starting mix for you. Neutron communicates with every track in your session and sets levels to give you a balanced starting point, based on a “focus” of your choosing. With this starting point taken care of, you can concentrate on the more creative aspects of mixing without wasting time simply getting your mix to sound balanced and clean. Of course, Neutron 3 still includes the Track Assistant from previous versions (now called Track Enhance), which analyses just one track at a time and suggests a signal chain designed specifically for that track based on the instrument profile chosen by the user. These two assistance modes make Neutron 3 the most powerful machine-learning assistive mixing plugin on the market today.

Get the Most from Each Instrument with the New Sculptor Module


Neutron 3 also includes a new spectral shaping module, called Sculptor, which applies a gentle polish using dynamic multi-band frequency processing. Sculptor communicates with Track Assistant to know what instrument you’re working on, and applies per-band processing to give it a subtle sheen that well-tuned ears will greatly appreciate. Or, choose a different instrument profile to experiment with more creative applications of this powerful tool.

Masking Meter, All Grown Up


One of the most popular features of earlier versions of Neutron is the Masking Meter, which shows overlapping frequencies between two different tracks, allowing the user to remove these competing frequencies to bring space and clarity to the mix. The Masking Meter got a serious upgrade for Neutron 3, with a one-window display, and smoother metering with improvements to actions like inverse link. Simply choose two tracks, and Neutron 3 analyzes them both to graphically display overlapping frequencies and resonances that may be interfering with each other. What was already an invaluable tool is now even better at helping you clean up competing frequencies and make space for other elements in your mix. This visual method of troubleshooting is particularly useful for users who may not be mixing in a perfect monitoring environment. With the Masking Meter, it’s easy to find those trouble spots, even if you can’t trust your speakers or your room to represent these kinds of details accurately.

Neutron 3 | Eight Plug-ins, Total Package

Mix Assistant
Mix Assistant listens to your entire mix, communicating with every track in your session to give you a balanced starting point, built around a focus of your choice.
Using spectral shaping and dynamic, multi-band frequency processing, the brand-new Sculptor module communicates with Track Assistant to help you get the most out of each track.
Improved Masking Meter
Find and remove competing frequencies with the newly improved Masking Meter. Use Inverse Link to carve space in your mix between instruments with precision.
Transient Shaper
Create punchy drums and tame clicky acoustic guitars with the Transient Shaper. Unique multi-band functionality allows you to shape your sounds with precision across the frequency spectrum.
Make your tracks shine with the flexible exciter. Bring your instruments to life by blending a variety of classic models, from Tape, Tube, and beyond!
Manage your dynamics across the frequency spectrum with multi-band control. Switch between compression modes for transparent control or retro warmth.
Remove drum bleed, create unique ducking FX, and get smooth, chatter-free control with this powerful Gate. From hard chops to smooth expansion, this tool provides astonishing results for any task.
Visual Mixer
Manage your stereo field and adjust levels like never before. Simply drag the icon of each track to adjust panning and volume of any instrument in your mix with the Visual Mixer!

Neutron 3 includes 8 sound shaping modules, all of which can be used within the full Neutron 3 environment, or independently as individual plugins (in Neutron 3 Advanced only). These individual modules are in themselves top of the line audio shapers using iZotope’s award-winning digital audio processing. With an EQ, Transient Shaper, 2 Compressors, a Gate, Exciter, Limiter, and the new Sculptor module, you have a wealth of tools to craft the perfect mix. Each one features a wet/dry mix slider accessible from the main Neutron 3 window, so you can adjust the amount of each effect to your exact preference. Or if you choose to use the modules as individual plugins, you can create your own signal chain utilizing your favorite audio plugins for a customized mixing experience.

Mix from a Bird's Eye View Using the Neutron 3 Visual Mixer



Neutron 3 also comes with Visual Mixer, an easy and intuitive visual environment for mixing. In an easy-to-use graphic interface you can set levels, panning, and stereo width of every track in your mix. One of the most useful features of the Visual Mixer is its ability to save multiple snapshots of your mix, so you can experiment with different levels and A/B them to find the perfect balance.

Incredible Signal Processors, Without the CPU Hit



In addition to all these new features, Neutron 3 also boasts significant performance gains across the board. It is 20% faster at processing audio, sessions with Neutron 3 load faster, and visualization refresh rates have doubled. All this allows you to get professional sounding mixes faster and easier than ever before.

Three Versions to Suit Your Workflow


Neutron 3 comes in three versions, Neutron Elements, Neutron 3 Standard, and Neutron 3 Advanced. While Neutron Elements provides users with 4 essential modules and the Track Assistant, Neutron 3 Standard and Neutron 3 Advanced include all 8 modules and the Visual Mixer. The new Mix Assistant and individual module plugins are reserved for Neutron 3 Advanced, iZotope’s top-tier mixing solution. For songwriters, producers, mixing engineers of all experience levels, there’s a Neutron 3 product to meet their needs and budget.

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