McDSP’s New APB-8 Analog Processing Box

The McDSP APB-8 Integrates Top-Quality Analog Hardware into your Digital Workflow

The new McDSP APB-8 is identical to its big brother the APB-16, but with eight channels instead of sixteen. And since McDSP are over-achievers, they’ve also launched a brand-new plugin with the APB line: the Moo Mixer is a hybrid analog mixing console you can control within your DAW.

What the hell's an Analog Processing Box, anyway?

Real-live Analog Hardware, Controlled Digitally

The McDSP Analog Processing Box (APB) combines the flexibility of software with the fidelity of premium analog processing. Each analog hardware channel inside the rackmount unit can be controlled with a Pro Tools plugin. Processing options include compressors, mastering limiters, transient enhancement devices, multi-channel and multi-band applications, and more.

Meet the APB Family


The Moo X Mixer

The Moo X Mixer is the world’s first fully automated hybrid mixing console under total software control. Session recall is instant, and all mixer controls can be automated or saved as a preset. Features include channel equalization, analog compression and saturation, and a master section with stereo analog compression and saturation.

C673-A Dynamic Range Compressor

The C673-A served as the initial prototype for the concept of the world’s first programmable analog processor. Based on McDSP’s C670 and C671 modules from the McDSP 6000 series plug-ins, the C673-A model pushes the envelope further with all analog dynamics processing and a custom saturation circuit.

L-18 Limiter

The L-18 is designed to be a pristine all-analog limiter, useful for a variety of mixing styles. But if the track needs a touch up, a Color control gives some subtle tone shaping options.

MOO TUBE Compressor

The MooTube Compressor is the capstone of the collection of McDSP tube-based compression algorithms. Combining decades of software-side modeling experience with the world’s first programmable analog processor, the MooTube delivers a soft touch to anything that goes through it.

EL MOO Tube Limiter

One of two all-analog limiters in the APB plug-in lineup, the El Moo leverages the same design used in the MooTube compressor. An adjustable all-analog saturation stage with user control makes the El Moo an interesting choice as a sonic leveler.

ChickenHead Compressor

It may look familiar to some, but under the hood the ChickenHead is a completely unique processor on a completely unique platform. McDSP engineering sought to leverage the high end analog components and most aggressive saturation circuit in the APB hardware to create a compressor with attitude. If you are looking for the rooster in the hen house of dynamic range processors, the ChickenHead is it.

C-18 Compressor

The C-18 compressor, like the L-18 limiter, is designed to be a pristine, green, audio machine. Tribute is paid to the first McDSP dynamics plug-in, CompressorBank, with an all-analog version of the unique BITE control, and an advanced version of the AUTO feature for signal level dependent attack and release times. The C-18 can be a straight up utility processor, or introduce some new and unique twists to any track.

One Thunderbolt Cable to Rule Them All

Outboard gear integration has never been more simple: A single Thunderbolt cable routes audio from your DAW to the APB, and then back again.

The McDSP APB-8 is available now for purchase or demo at Westlake Pro

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The McDSP APB-8 Analog Processing Box

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