Making an Atmos Empire

Building a Multi-Room Atmos Facility

Design & Production Spaces

Taking even a single-room Immersive Studio concept from a simple idea all the way to those first deliverables is a scientific undertaking that requires an experienced team. So when a major post production company asked us to come up with a plan for more than twenty Atmos mixing rooms, editing bays, viewing rooms, and server rooms in a single facility, we knew it would be more important than ever to think outside the box and come up with unique, hand-tailored integration plans. Starting today, we’re going to walk you through the process.

Offsite Prototyping

As any general contractor will confirm, one of the most stressful and often complicated aspects of any construction project is the coordination of trade schedules: electricians can’t start running wire until rough framing is completed; drywallers can’t hang gypsum board until wires are ran; and then the electricians have to wait yet again for the drywallers to finish before they can come back to install outlets and fixtures. 

And that’s just your everyday construction project. When you factor in the integration of endless racks of audio production equipment, wiring, and inter-room connectivity—well let’s just say the ibuprofen starts disappearing quickly.

Because a project of this scale requires coordination across so many separate rooms, we decided to move the most complicated aspects of the build to a separate space.

Basically, we’ve created “Production Spaces” for each room design in one of our warehouses. Our Design Group has built a mockup of each room and can spend the time necessary to install gear into racks, make wire runs, install software, and run signal flow tests. This allows them to thoroughly test each design as a “proof of concept” before building-out the rest of the rooms—all without having to wait for room construction to be completed.

Base Templates

When it comes to audio production spaces, no two rooms are the same—from room acoustics to each engineer’s unique workflow. So even though this project is only comprised of about four different room designs that are replicated across ostensibly identical rooms, we couldn’t just “copy/paste” our original concepts.

Instead, we’re reducing overall integration time by replicating a precisely defined portion of each room, and then carrying each one to the finish line individually. This means we’ll get the basics of wiring and integration finished in our production space, and save speaker placement, room tuning, and shake tests for the end-space.

See it for Yourself!

Join us for a walkthrough of our Burbank, CA production space. One of our Staff Technicians will show us each room mockup and explain its purpose.  

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