A lot has happened in the last year, and we have you – our readers – to thank for it. We’ve sat down with professionals in pro audio, received insightful wisdom from the best in the biz, discovered new workflows, built studios made from dreams, and explored cutting-edge tools from top brands. 

Let’s take a look back at some exceptional highlights of 2022. 


Tips & Tricks

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration. There was a lot to learn in 2022, from how you can get started with Dolby Atmos to what Dante can do for you, we’ve put together the most helpful tips and tricks into one list here.

How Dante Can Make The Difference

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve probably set up at least one studio in your life. From cabling to hanging sound treatment, we’ve done it all. For years this has meant running cables to each piece of gear (maybe even more than once), one after the other until the job is done and we have worked all the problems out. The telecommunications industry had a similar challenge when cabling up huge switchboards and patch panels.

The 15 Best Plugins From Universal Audio

If you’re looking for the most realistic and detailed analog emulations, UAD plug-ins are the best in the business. For over 20 years Universal Audio has been painstakingly recreating your favorite analog hardware in the digital realm.

Getting Started With Dolby Atmos

Is it worth investing in Atmos for music? For years Dolby Atmos has built up hype in the Post Production world and is starting to take significant strides into the music industry. But are consumers and engineers really ready to embrace this new format? With major streaming services supporting the format, loads of new production work, and consumer hardware becoming cheaper and more accessible, Dolby Atmos music is an opportunity you might not want to pass up.


Interviews & Studio Builds

Throughout 2022, we sat down with industry professionals from all corners of the audio world to get an insight into their work and workflows. Meanwhile, the Westlake Pro Design Services Group was busy all year, designing and integrating the best studios in the business. 

proFILES | Steve Chadie

Steve Chadie has been a mainstay in the Austin, TX, recording scene since 1995. As a Recording Engineer, Producer, and Mixer, Steve has made a name for himself, working with the likes of Willie Nelson, Los Lonely Boys, Sublime, Dolly Parton, and Meat Puppets. With multi-platinum and GRAMMY-nominated projects under his belt, Chadie has recently come full circle, going back to a true “out of the box” workflow. Westlake Pro was there to help him take the leap, and we even got some good Texas BBQ tips along the way!

proFILES | Chiller Sound

Chiller Sound was founded in 2001 by Jon Altschiller.  Known for his attention to detail and extensive mixing credits, Jon recently moved his studio onto a 9-acre piece of land in Pound Ridge, New York, and has been hard at work creating truly immersive mixes. Westlake Pro’s Matt Knobel helped Jon design his new space to be able to mix both Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio in the same control room.

Building A Studio For Immersive Mixing

Just outside of Nashville Tennessee, tucked away in a pleasant suburban neighborhood, lies one of the most technologically advanced Atmos studios ever built. Housed in an unsuspecting brick home surrounded by a variety of shrubbery is Immersive Mixing, the only studio in Tennessee designed with the latest Atmos capabilities for both tracking and mixing.

Kentucky’s First Atmos Studio:
Sound x Rucker

With the music and post-production worlds constantly evolving, it takes a lot to stay on the cutting edge and be the first to try something new. When Rucker Sound was looking to make the jump to Dolby Atmos, they called the Westlake Pro Design Services Group for help constructing the first Dolby Atmos studio in Kentucky.

proFILES | Boom Box Post

When Jeff Shiffman and Kate Finan of Boom Box Post approached the Westlake Pro Design Services Group for help gearing up their new post-production facility, they already had an idea of what they wanted. “This was our first project with WLP, and until now we’ve been able to feel our way through things ourselves, but we really needed the professionals on this job.”


Gear Of The Year

There was a lot of innovation in the audio industry throughout 2022, so we’ve highlighted the best tools that you might not have in your sonic arsenal…yet.

Avid Carbon Pre & MBOX Studio

Avid made expansion easy with this versatile interface that includes eight high quality remote-control microphone preamps.

It’s back and better than ever. With a brand new feature set and connectivity options, the new MBOX Studio is everything you need to record, mix, and produce your own music.

Pro Tools | ARA 2 & Aux I/O

Avid made a 1-2 punch with the release of the long-awaited ARA2 integration for Melodyne and the introduction of Aux IO which expands your Pro Tools routing like never before.

Solid State Logic SSL 12

Solid State Logic saw everyone else’s bus-powered portable interface and took it up a notch or two. This desktop interface from the legendary analog powerhouse delivers the punch and clarity SSL is known for, in a small package. 

ADAM Audio A Series

The new ADAM Audio A Series builds on ADAM’s long standing reputation for clarity, but integrates a modern feature-set complete with custom EQ profiles, mounting points, and Sonarworks compatibility.

API Select SV-12 & SV-14

If you’re looking to fill some slots in your Lunchbox, the API Select range offers classic API sound at an affordable price. The SV12 compressor features API’s patented THRUST circuit, and the SV14 EQ is faithfully re-engineered from the highly sought-after APSI 562 EQ.

Triad-Orbit SM-UM1 Precision Speaker Mount

As a utility item, stands and mounts rarely get the same buzz and attention as microphones or outboard gear. But Triad-Orbit has been busy creating innovative solutions to mount a growing list of monitors, allowing you to use your favorite speakers to build your Immersive Audio setup.

Sound Particles Spatial Music Bundle

The Sound Particles Spatial Music Bundle puts five intelligent effects in one affordable package, making it easier than ever to create immersive music mixes fast.

New integrations, ahead-of-the-curve interfaces, the many ways to expand your studio, and a growing community of professionals passing on their knowledge…

If the future is anything like 2022 was for pro audio, then we’re in for a treat. 

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