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Keyboards and Synthesizers

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Keyboards and Synthesizers

Today’s piano players have an enormous breadth of sonic options to choose from. At Westlake Pro, we’re committed to staying current with keyboard technology as it continues to evolve in amazing ways.

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are typically voiced to emulate classic piano, organ, and synth sounds. Some are designed to serve one specific purpose (there are a plethora of options for grand piano-specific keyboards, for instance), while others are more versatile and have many voices to choose from. Nord, Korg, Casio, Kurzweil, Roland, and more all make keyboards capable of accurate emulation of organ and electric piano sounds. Most digital pianos have weighted keys so they feel more natural, but many don’t, so it’s important to determine whether that’s important for you when deciding on a digital piano. Many modern composers and performers opt to use digital pianos because of their convenience and price.

Analog Synthesizers

The products analog synthesizer revolution of the 1970s are still prevalent today. Companies like Moog, Dave Smith Instruments, and Oberheim have been leading the charge since the early days and are still carrying the torch. While they continue to come out with new products and designs, there is also a steady stream of classic synthesizers being reissued. Some classic synthesizers are monophonic, meaning they can play only one note at a time, which makes them well-suited for melodic leads or or a synthy bass sound. Polyphonic synthesizers can play more than one note at once, so if you’re looking to play chords that’s the way to go.

Digital Synthesizers and Workstations

Digital synthesizers and workstations are keyboards with large numbers of voices built in, and are typically incredibly versatile. They typically have USB connections that enable them to be utilized as MIDI controllers, as well.

MIDI Controllers

MIDI controllers are digital keyboards, often with no sounds built in, that are meant to be used to control software.

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