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Spring Clean Your Audio with iZotope’s Post Production Sale!

Save Time, Money and Your Audio

With springtime comes spring cleaning – and now you can spring clean your audio with iZotope’s RX at a fraction of the price. Use the industry-standard for audio repair to fix those pesky everyday recording issues as well as more difficult tasks to produce professional-quality audio, and fast! From restoring grainy low-quality audio with Spectral Recovery to getting the perfect guitar take with Guitar De-Noise, RX provides a collection of tools that instantly feather-dust your tracks giving you a clean take to work from.

Add the complete audio repair toolkit to your plug-in arsenal for as low as $99 today! But hurry – this offer ends May 4th!

Meet Your Complete Audio Repair Toolkit

Guitar De-Noise

Guitar De-noise helps manage distracting equipment sounds for clean—yet still authentically human—acoustic or electric guitar recordings.

  • Amp tool to attenuate hiss and electrical interference
  • Pick tool to control pick-generated transients
  • Squeak tool to adjust the presence of fret noise and string slides
  • Sensitivity and Reduction sliders on each tool for precise refinements
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Spectral Recovery

With the increasing prevalence of remote meetings, video calls, and podcast interviews, Spectral Recovery helps restore frequencies above 4k that are removed when the audio is compressed for real-time streaming. Turn once-grainy, inarticulate recordings into crisp, clear conversations.

In RX’s spectrogram, it’s easy to see the re-synthesized frequency content that Spectral Recovery was able to restore. The spectrogram itself is resizable, allowing you to click and drag the module for more precise edits.

Music Rebalance

iZotopes supercharged Music Rebalance in RX 8 so you’ll be able to remix, re-edit, and re-repair with powerful, new capabilities. A newly engineered Music Rebalance algorithm enables improved source separation so you can create remixes with ease, adjust individual levels and the overall balance of a finished mix with maximum clarity, and create and export stems with a single click.

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The overhauled De-hum module and plug-in in RX 8 bring surgical control to your low-end editing workflow.

  • Up to sixteen harmonic reduction bands for more focused editing

  • Adaptive Mode for dynamic and automatic harmonic detection

  • High- and low-pass filters for fast EQ sculpting

  • Intuitive, click-and-drag interface for fluid parameter control

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Batch Processor

The ultimate multitasking tool for post production, RX 8’s improved Batch Processor is more powerful than ever. Load multiple files from your machine, apply entire Module Chains to the entire batch, then export in as many file formats and bit depths to as many locations as you need. Meet your deadlines and maintain organization with just a few clicks.

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Module Chain

The Module Chain is designed to facilitate quick, simple editing, and speed up the workflow of anyone who finds themselves performing the same editing tasks again and again. Module Chain is able to load and save custom processing chains incorporating multiple processing modules, including multiple instances of the same module. You can then select a saved processing chain and fire if off with a single click. This is especially useful if you find yourself repeatedly applying the same modules with the same or similar settings in sequence. Module Chain ships with many presets to help get you up and running.

Now, Module Chain allows you to process specific frequency areas, letting you repair audio quickly and with precision.

See RX In Action LIVE

Want to see iZotope’s RX 8 first hand? Join us on April 15th at 2 PM as GRAMMY-Winning Audio Engineer Marc Urselli crafts award-winning vocals using RX 8 LIVE on our livestream. 

Plus! RSVP & join the livestream for a chance to win your very own Music Production Suite 4!

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