Is Your Studio Ready for Dolby Atmos Music?

Immersive Audio formats like Dolby Atmos provide a whole new way to work with sound and music. Early adopters of immersive audio have begun to reap the benefits of the format as major labels scramble to release Atmos and Spatial Audio versions of classic records along with today’s hits.

The need for Atmos mix engineers has never been greater, but one question remains. How do you set up your studio to mix Dolby Atmos?

Read on to learn why you should setup your studio for Immersive Audio and how to get your Atmos mixes to translate to any playback system.

Not A Passing Fad

For those who thought that Dolby Atmos for Music would never catch on, well, it might be time to reconsider that opinion. Apple’s recent announcement that Apple Music will now support Dolby Atmos, it’s clear that Dolby’s Immersive Audio format is here to stay and will soon be a must for music deliverables.

The Consumer is King

On the surface, the sentiment is understandable. When the consumer is king, cost and convenience almost always dictate whether or not a broader market adopts new technologies. And let’s be honest – most casual listeners won’t be mounting monitors from their ceilings to experience their favorite artist in Dolby Atmos. But today, the audio market is being flooded with Atmos-enabled devices – from cellphones to soundbars, TVs, laptops, and even cars. Music streaming services like Amazon Music, Tidal, and now Apple Music all have curated playlists for listeners to experience their favorite music in Dolby Atmos. Record labels are digging through their vaults to have their classic albums up-mixed for the format, and video streaming platforms like Netflix and HBO are now requiring Dolby Atmos deliverables. 

Is Your Mix Room Ready?

Clearly, Dolby Atmos is quickly becoming a standard for music, and we’re already seeing an influx of work being doled out to mix engineers to meet the demand. But getting your mix room ready for Dolby Atmos isn’t as easy as the plug ‘n’ play solutions we’re seeing on the consumer market. We’re all familiar with the “car mix” and other ways to ensure that your work translates on consumer systems. But mixing in a new format that will play on a wide range of devices means that it’s more important than ever to be able to trust what you hear from the mix position. 

Getting your room Atmos-ready isn’t as simple as looking over a gear list, clicking “add to cart,” and setting up some monitors. Room acoustics, speaker placement, bass management, delay compensation, gain matching, and more are crucial to ensuring what your hearing in your room will translate to the world outside and meet the specifications required for a mix-ready Dolby Atmos system.

Get Professional Help

As Dolby Atmos has grown in popularity, the cost of entry has dropped significantly. While costs can be cut, corners shouldn’t, and there are still plenty of potential pitfalls to navigate when setting up your Dolby Atmos mix room. It’s truly a “measure twice, cut once” scenario, which is why it’s essential to get the help of experienced professionals when getting your room ready for Atmos. Westlake Pro has been working with Dolby Atmos from the beginning and has done countless Immersive Audio installs and retrofits around the world. In fact, we built Henszey Sound, LLC – the first Dolby Certified Atmos studio for music in North America.

Get it Right the First Time

With years of experience designing, building, and retrofitting Immersive Audio studios for the biggest names in the industry, Westlake Pro is uniquely qualified to get your studio ready for Dolby Atmos. Immersive Audio is here to stay, and we’re here to make sure you’re ready for it.
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