Introducing iZotope Dialogue Match

A Post-Production Revolution

In film and TV, dialogue is far and away the key component that gets the story across. A large part of an actor’s talent is in the subtle inflections used to inject emotion into the script. Of course, dialogue is also one of the most difficult sound sources to capture – wind or room ambiance will inevitably creep into a boom mic, while the rustling of costumes in a fast-paced action sequence can make a lavalier recording unusable. Because of this, ADR, or Automated Dialogue Replacement has become a central part of the post-production workflow.

Despite the fact that ADR is a regular, if not essential part of a post-production workflow, anyone in the field knows just how long it takes to clean, match, and treat dialogue to create a seamless performance. Thankfully, iZotope is looking to fix that problem. 

putting the automated in adr

Dialogue Match pairs the advanced machine learning technology of RX7 with the award-winning sound of Exponential Audio. This allows you to match the EQ curve, room tone, and reverb reflections of one signal and match it perfectly to a different recording – automatically! When Dialogue Match scans your audio, it uses a series of intelligent algorithms to analyze your audio and map out both the spectral and tonal aspects of the recording. From there, you can super-impose that sonic profile directly onto another recording, or even save it as a Reference Profile. This acts like a preset which you can use as a starting point for a specific scene, location, or setup.

Individual control over eq, reverb, and ambience

Dialogue Match gives you control over three separate sonic domains in your sound – EQ, Reverb, and Ambience. Explore each module below!

iZotope Ambience Interface

Users of iZotope’s award-winning RX Post-Production Suite will be instantly familiar with the look of the Ambience module in Dialogue Match. 

By analyzing the spectral content of your reference signal, Ambience allows you to capture the room tone of your reference track and place that across any track you’d like. For years, dialogue editors have had to search, cut, and copy pieces of room tone in order to splice that on top of other dialogue sources. With Dialogue Match, you can say goodbye to the tedious hours spent copying room tones!

iZotope Dialogue Match Reverb Controls

The Reverb section gives you control over both the sounds Early Reflections and Reverb Tail. iZotope’s proprietary machine learning technology analyzes the tone and spectral content of the reverb on your reference signal. From here, Exponential Audio’s stunning reverb engine creates a reverb profile to perfectly match the reference sound. 

Bundle Up With Dialogue Match

Whether you’re just getting started in the iZotope ecosystem or are a long time user, there are plenty of ways to bundle up and save big!

Newly added bundles include the upgraded RX Post Production Suite 4 and the brand new Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle and RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle. 

Of course, if you already own any iZotope plug-ins, you’re eligible for a wide range of upgrade options to keep up to date with the latest software without breaking the bank. Contact your Westlake Pro Sales Consultant for more info!

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See it in action this thursday!

Join us THIS THURSDAY November 7th in Los Angeles for an exclusive proSESSIONS event with iZotope and Doug Mountain to see Dialogue Match in action and get your questions answered by the experts!

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