Introducing the BURL B22 ORCA

Burl B22 ORCA

The Sound of the B26 ORCA | Now In Your Mothership

For fans of the Burl Audio Mothership, get ready for some great news: Introducing the B22 Orca Control Room Daughter Monitor Card. Providing the very best in quality monitoring, this Digital to Analog converter provides unbelievable sound quality for studio mixing and monitoring. Best yet, it’s designed to match with the B16 and B80 Mothership.  

Where the Mothership redefined the possibilities of digital recording, the B22 Orca brings a new realm of discoveries to the Mothership series. The B22 Orca builds upon the sound of the B26 Orca, bringing enriched sound to the Mothership series. The NextGen BOPA14 op-amps are known to bring clarity and purity to sound, from high tones to deep bass and every other part of the range. The result is a more three dimensional sound without changing the tone; instead, the B22 Orca will allow the most honest sound possible.

Having an outboard DAC is known for improved sound quality all around, but when using equipment as solid and highly-acclaimed as the Mothership, why not use the DAC made for enhancing her powers? The B22 Orca Control Room Daughter Monitor Card allows for crystal-clear, clean monitoring and mixing capabilities, with no signal loss, and a rich, detailed sound for the professional user.


  • 4 DAC channels: 2 with switchable BX5 output transformer and 2 for monitoring
  • BURL NextGen BOPA14 op-amps
  • Horizontal faceplate for B16 Mothership, Vertical faceplate for B80
  • Discrete, class-A analog signal path
  • ALPS audiophile attenuator is standard
  • Optional stepped 0.1% matched resistor ELMA attenuator 


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