Building A Studio For Immersive Mixing | Part Two

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If you missed Part 1 of our blog series, Building A Studio For Immersive Mixing, be sure to revisit what inspired its owners to create a world-class immersive production facility, and how the Westlake Pro Studio Design Group was the perfect partner to accomplish their goals.

Tracking In Atmos

Building an Atmos tracking & mixing room is no easy feat, but it’s one the Westlake Pro Design Group has perfected over their decades of experience. The biggest challenge in this build was giving the engineers the ability to track directly in Atmos 7.1.4, a feature ahead of its time for recording studios. Furthermore, the client wanted the latest in Dolby Atmos technology applied to every aspect of the recording process without sacrificing the traditional vibe and workflow of a premium Nashville recording studio. Truly a studio built with the future of music in mind.

Immersive Mixing in Tennesee

Building It Up

Rather than building the studio on location, the Westlake Pro Studio Design Group built each piece of the Atmos studio in a clean-room environment in Los Angeles. Our team was there every step of the way. Aware of each component and ensuring that each piece was measured and tested to guarantee a flawless installation.

Since the client wanted to be up and running as soon as possible, construction began in January and lasted only four months. This lightning-quick process was only possible with the hard work and experience of everyone involved. Careful planning and on-site support were an integral part of the success of this project, something the Westlake Pro Studio Design Group has been doing professionally for decades.

Immersive Mixing in Tennesee

Truly Immersive

What made this studio build special was that the client wanted to make Dolby Atmos available at every part of the production process. There are other Dolby Atmos immersive mixing rooms in Tennessee, but this is the only studio in the state where you can record and mix in Atmos. This allows the artist to incorporate Immersive Audio into their creative process while guaranteeing that their creative vision translates in every format. With a purpose-built studio like this, we ensured that Immersive Mixing would be on the cutting edge for years to come. In addition to the Dolby Atmos-certified control room outfitted with PMC monitors, clients have access to a hand-picked collection of instruments and a holy grail vocal microphone that boasts a healthy pedigree of hits.

Immersive Mixing in Tennesee

In the third part of our blog series on Immersive Mixing, we’ll give you an inside look at one of the most technologically advanced studios we’ve ever built.

Now Available: Part 3!

Don’t miss Part 3 of our three-part blog series on Immersive Mixing! We’ll talk about building the quintessential Nashville recording studio, and the gear our team used to make it all happen.

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