Building A Studio For Immersive Mixing | Part One

Not Your Average Home

Just outside of Nashville Tennessee, tucked away in a pleasant suburban neighborhood, lies one of the most technologically advanced Atmos studios ever built. Housed in an unsuspecting brick home surrounded by a variety of shrubbery is Immersive Mixing, the only studio in Tennessee designed with the latest Atmos capabilities for both tracking and mixing.

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Hearing Is Believing

If you were asked to describe what music sounds like to someone who’s never heard it before, then you can start to imagine what hearing music mixed in Dolby Atmos for the first time is like. Being in a room surrounded by speakers in every direction, both at ear level and from above is a powerful experience – turning a favorite song picked from a playlist into the feeling of being a fly on the wall during the recording process. Hearing all of the subtle and nuanced details of a performance spatially placed in the atmosphere encompassing you is not only incredibly moving – it’s life-altering.

For the studio owners at Immersive Mixing, their experience at Dave Henszey’s studio in Los Angeles was just that. 

Henszey Sound, llc in Los Angeles, California

Contact The Pros

After experiencing the impeccable Atmos mixing studio that the Westlake Pro Design Group put together for Henszey Sound, the studio owners at Immersive Mixing wanted to bring a slice of it back to Nashville. They reached out to the Design Group to build the quintessential Nashville recording studio and kick it up a notch. With immersive music on the rise, the client wanted to be ahead of the curve. Implementing the latest in Dolby Atmos technology at every part of the production process.

The Design Group truly made a cutting-edge studio in Immersive Mixing. Both aesthetically and in functionality, Immersive Mixing transcends the average studio needs, making studio time for engineers and musicians alike a comfortable and productive process every step of the way. At the touch of a button, engineers can instantly switch between tracking and back to mixing in Atmos – a feature not found in most Atmos mixing rooms.

Immersive Mixing in Tennesee

A Studio Ahead Of Its Time

The client wanted to fuse the experience of Henszey Sound with the needs of the Nashville recording community – incorporating the latest Atmos technology into every step of the production process so that clients could record music in Dolby Atmos 7.1.4. Furthermore, the studio space needs to feel comfortable for both engineers and any talent that walks through the doors, providing a sense of familiarity while still boasting a completely futuristic workflow under the hood, a studio designed around the concept of immersion. Immersive Mixing dedicates itself to having all possible resources on hand, so you never have to worry about opening a session file created off-campus and having missing plug-ins or outboard gear when it comes time to record.

While this would seem like a tall order to most, to the Westlake Pro Studio Design Group, this is our bread and butter. A challenging feat, but one our Design Group is more than capable of planning and executing without flaw.

Now Available: Part 2!

Continue on to Part 2 of our blog series on Immersive Mixing where we dive into shipping a studio across the country, and the concept of using Dolby Atmos as a production tool from recording to mastering.

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