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New Products from Focusrite Pro

Four New Exciting Products from
Focusrite Pro

The RedNet A16R MkII and D16R MkII feature channel level control for all inputs and outputs. With a new IO configuration for the Red range the Red 8Line provides the same expandability and pristine conversion found in Red16Line at a lower price point. The new RedNet R1 is a desktop remote controller that supercharges every Red interface, offering total control over your workflow and studio setup. 

Red 8Line

The Red 8Line has the same specs as 16Line with half the channel count, at a lower price. Featuring extensive analog connectivity with two Red Evolution mic preamps, DB25 and Optical I/O, it also includes dual Dante ports for connection/expansion with Audio-over-IP networks. 

RedNet R1

The RedNet R1 is the perfect companion to any Red interface. It includes internal and external talkback mic capability, remote-control of Red interface preamps, monitor fold-downs, and two LCD displays with highly accurate level metering of outputs, inputs, headphones, and sources.

RedNet A16R MkII & D16R MkII

Updates to both RedNet A16R and D16R include expanded software control of the hardware and level controls for individual channels. Adjust mute and dim via RedNet Control software, and individual channel levels by 1dB increments.

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Focusrite Red 8Line

Red 8Line has a total of 58 inputs and 64 outputs, including two Red Evolution mic pres, independent L/R monitor outs, eight balanced line inputs and outputs on DB25 connectors; 32 channels of Dante I/O; 16-channel ADAT input and output (at 48kHz), and stereo S/PDIF input and output. As with other Red interfaces, it features professional-grade 24-bit/192kHz A-D and D-A conversion for no-compromise, mastering-quality recording, and audio playback. With 119dB dynamic range A-D and 121dB dynamic range D-A (A-Weighted), the converters have been expertly selected and calibrated by Focusrite to provide the best balance of sound quality, dynamic range, and conversion latency.

The two digitally-controlled Red Evolution mic preamps are the product of decades of Focusrite’s impeccable attention to detail in designing audio hardware. Each preamp provides up to 63dB of ultra-clean gain, with individual phantom power, high-pass filter and phase reverse, and an option to stereo-link the two channels. The switchable Air mode mimics the sonic profile of the famous Focusrite ISA 110 input module and breathes life into any signal it touches.

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Focusrite RedNet R1

RedNet R1 enables users to interact with their audio system like never before. It provides the flexibility to control a range of different monitor output setups, ranging from mono through to 7.1.4 surround, including Dolby Atmos® and other immersive audio workflows. Alternatively, completely custom setups of up to 12 outputs can be configured for bespoke speaker configurations. RedNet R1 can be used to control groups of outputs from a Red interface’s multitude of sources and destinations, including from Pro Tools | HD and other DAWs, analog inputs and outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF connections, and from entire Dante audio ecosystems, simultaneously and interchangeably.

RedNet R1 supports a maximum of eight input sources from 32 available audio channels, across analog, digital, DAW, and Dante connections, and mixes and routes signals to up to 12 monitor output channels. Top-panel control includes level, reference level preset selection, cut, dim, mute, and a variety of solo modes. There’s an A/B switch for switching between numerous monitoring presets, and up to four fold-down presets allow fast switching for checking downmixes. Custom cue mixes can be sent to talent from any of the 32 available inputs.

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Focusrite RedNet A16R MkII

RedNet A16R MkII is a 16-channel analog Interface for Dante networks, with two channels of AES3 I/O. Individual input and output channel level controls allow for precise adjustment of all I/O levels using RedNet Control. With two power supplies and primary and secondary etherCON network connectors, RedNet A16R MkII is perfect for critical-path applications in recording, post-production, live sound, and broadcast. Built-in redundancy features allow for silent fail-over in the event of power or network outage, providing reassurance for system technicians.

Analog inputs and outputs are connected through four rear-panel AES59-configured DB25 connectors, while an additional pair of AES3 I/O is provided through male and female XLR for added flexibility. The XLR input can accept DARS signals in addition to AES3. Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows external devices to clock to RedNet A16R MkII, or alternatively allows RedNet A16R MkII to act as a network clock grandmaster, synchronized to external input. RedNet A16R MkII is well suited to permanent installation and repeated strike and setup: all connectors lock and remain terminated even under stress, providing worry-free installation and peace of mind once situated in a rack. In addition, all Focusrite Pro products come with a three-year warranty and award-winning customer support.

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Focusrite RedNet D16R MkII

RedNet D16R MkII is a 16-channel bi-directional digital interface for Dante networks. The 1U rackmount device features individual input and output channel level controls, allowing for precise calibration and control of all input and output levels using RedNet Control. RedNet D16R MkII features power supply and Ethernet redundancy with auto switchover in case of failure.

Various connection options make RedNet D16R MkII a flexible addition to any Audio-over-IP system. A pair of DB25 multipin connectors each connect eight channels of AES3 I/O into and out of the interface, while XLR and RCA ports enable two-channel AES3 and S/PDIF connections, respectively, to be made. Sample rate conversion on every input enables external equipment to operate at different sample rates, and DARS signals are accepted on the XLR connector. Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows synchronization to house clock or syncing external equipment to the Dante network.

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