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Vienna Symphonic Library

Paul Kopf

Get insight into this expertly manufactured software and learn how to create extraordinary work with ease. Whether you’re an aspiring music producer or a professional composer, Vienna Symphonic Library offers the industry-leading samples and tools that you can rely on.

January 24, 2017 | 7p - 9p PST

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  • Discover the industry leading library for samples and virtual instruments
  • Listen to over 2000 samples in their database covering everything from symphonic orchestra and choirs.
  • Q&A: Get your questions answered by a VSL product expert

Paul Kopf

Product Manager

Vienna Symphonic Library

Vienna Symphonic Library Product Manager Paul Steinbauer has hosted hundreds of VSL clinics and demonstrations over the last decade.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about new VSL releases – Ensemble Pro 6
  • How to connect the Ensemble Pro 6 using a simple Ethernet cable, to setup a computer network with both Macs and PCs without the need for extra MIDI and audio interfaces.
  • Learn the ins and outs of this powerful software from a pro with years of experience in virtual instruments and sample libraries.

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MIR Pro is a holistic mixing and reverberation plugin based on revolutionary Multi-Impulse Response convolution, a spacial concept that allows the user to interact with the instruments more like a conductor than an engineer.

New features of the Ensemble Pro 6 include:

  • Frozen/Disabled channels, which allow unloading all plug-ins (including their allocated memory) from a selected channel, while keeping data intact
  • VCA folders let you organize your channels conveniently with folders and subfolders that are easy to color-code
  • New code base for about 70% less CPU usage for all internal Vienna Ensemble Pro calculations
  • Solo Violin 2 – Featuring violin sounds from acclaimed Hollywood studio violinist Dimitrie J. Leivici, provides a nice alternative for those looking for an alternate timbre of solo violin to the one included in Solo Strings I.

Playing techniques include:

  • Legato and Portamento Performances captured with precise realism
  • Sustains with and without vibrato for maximum control over the performance
  • Medium and strong dynamics (crescendos & diminuendos) in various lengths for expressive composition
  • Staccato Repetitions in various speeds for ultra realistic runs and licks, and many more
  • Historic Winds I & II – These collections feature rare instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Includes Transverse Flute, Baroque oboe, Crumhorns, Natural trumpets, and more for a broad, eclectic instrumental collection
Perfectly suited for time-appropriate film scoring
Enrich your arrangements with new colors and timbres

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