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Better Sound

Enhance Your Worship Experience

Join top audio experts and tech coordinators from Rocky Peak, Oasis LA, and Hillsong as they discuss the secrets to getting great sound in any worship environment.

Thursday, August 10th | 7pm - 9pm

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  • Optimize your current audio equipment to get the BEST sound quality possible for your church
  • Tips and tricks to help your church get the right equipment at the right time to enhance your worship experience
  • All questions answered Q & A section with experts

Nick Taylor

Front of House Engineer

Rocky Peak

From an early age, Nick began doing a lot of church events, from playing on stage to being the audio engineer. In Scottland, where he grew up, he even set up his own company that ran sound systems for some of the largest festivals and events. Now, he is the Front of House mixing engineer at Rocky Peak in Los Angeles and is excited to bring his knowledge to this event to help people better understand the technology.

Ivan Edwards

Tech Coordinator

Oasis LA

As a full time musician and the current Tech Coordinator at Oasis LA, Ivan got his start at his local church in South Carolina where he grew up. He has always had an interest in tech and audio and is putting his skills to good use, managing everything from the audio/video systems to the broadcast technology. He's excited to share everything he has learned to help churches get better sound, no matter what their equipment is.

Joel Murphy


Hillsong LA

With his first gig at church starting at age 12, Joel has grown to be an incredibly talented guitarist and well-rounded asset to the team at Hillsong LA. He has experience with many different types of audio equipment and is excited to provide insight into how to work best with musicians to get great performances and incredible sound.

What You Will Learn

  • Setting up and optimizing your sound system – from speaker placement to connecting the mixer to get hi-definition audio
  • Wireless microphones – how to set them up and maintain them for crystal clear sound and a great performance every time
  • Microphone techniques – how to mic everything from spoken word to a drum set to a choir
  • Working with musicians – how to help them perform their best with better stage monitoring
  • Mixing for the congregation – how to find the perfect balance and sound level for your church for maximum intelligibility and clarity
  • Enhance the overall sound in your space for the best possible worship experience

Stay Ahead of New Regulations


600 MHz Wireless Rebate

Due to the FCC Incentive Auction, the use of wireless microphones and personal monitor systems in the 600 MHz Band eventually will be prohibited by law. The “600 MHz Band” refers to frequency ranges 616–653 MHz and 663–698 MHz.

If you use wireless systems that operate in the 600 MHz Band, then you should plan to transition to another range of spectrum.

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