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Avid’s Pro Tools | Carbon is a powerhouse – an audio interface built to capture users’ brilliance, designed to nurture the creative process without the feeling of any constraint and fixated on immersion so you get back to what matters most – working on music. Combining the power of your native CPU with onboard HDX DSP acceleration, Carbon unleashes your full potential by letting you record AAX DSP plugins with near-zero latency monitoring at the touch of a button. Join us on Thursday, December 17th at 2 PM PST with Avid  as they explore the power behind Pro Tools | Carbon. RSVP for your chance to win your very own Avid S1!

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Thursday, December 17th at 2PM PST

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Maximize the Power of Pro Tools

Hybrid Engine

Using your native CPU mixed with HDX DSP processing, the Hybrid Engine lets you take advantage of the sheer power Pro Tools | Carbon has to offer. Track in DSP mode to supercharge your AAX DSP plugins and let your CPU handle the rest of your mix and experience near-zero latency.

AAX Architecture

AAX is the only plugin architecture designed to deliver optimal sound quality in both native and HDX DSP domains. Delivering a cleaner sound with more headroom, AAX plugins can be taken on the road and used to collaborate with bandmates who don’t own the Interface. 

HDX DSP Acceleration

Packed with 8 HDX DSP chips and a custom design FGPA at it’s core, Carbon is a powerhouse. The custom designed FGPA routes audio at lightning fast speeds – one sample at a time – with virtually no latency. The 8 HDX DSP chips perform 22.4 billion operations per second for real-time plugin processing to always give you sub-1 ms latency monitoring. 

Built with the Highest Standards

Pristine Converters

Avid went above and beyond with Carbon’s audio converters. Each channel has 4 ADCs providing an incredible 126 dB dynamic range. The gain structure from Input, to HDX DSPs and into Pro Tools works at a uniform 32-bit precision. This gives you ample headroom without any signal degradation, allowing for clean, natural sounding takes every time you record. 

Transparent Mic Preamps

Carbon features the most pristine preamps Avid has ever made. With padless design, 126 dB dynamic range and 32-bit/192 kHz audio conversion , you can now capture performances without any coloration. 

Double Resolution Clocking

Precision clocking is crucial when tracking – providing distortionless, artifact-free audio. Carbon’s double resolution clocking is twice as accurate with extraordinary low jitter, ensuring high-fidelity capture and playback. 

Designed for the Future

Limitless Connections

Carbon gives you the ability to run 25 x 34 simultaneous ins & outs – including 8 mic pres and 4 headphone outputs – so you’re ready to record any ensemble, from a solo artist to entire band. 

Ethernet Capable

Based on AVB, Avid’s version of this high bandwidth, low-latency connection streams audio to your host connection at 32-bit float precision – the first in the industry. Giving you plenty of headroom throughout the system to optimize the sound quality and dynamics of your mix. 

Thermal Design

Most high-end audio interfaces generate a lot of heat. Avid built Carbon with an innovative thermal design to keep things cool – even when stacked with other gear in your rack. A single axial fan gently pushes air from the front of the interface to the back, modulating it’s speed to dissipate heat.

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