Mixing in the Immersive Audio format is simple and straightforward when you have any of Sound Particles plugins in your arsenal.  With a cleanly designed GUI, Sound Particles plugins give instant visual feedback with intuitive controls to bring your mixes into the Immersive world. 

Everything needed to elevate your tracks and provide Dynamic Panning is included in the Spatial Music Bundle. Here’s your chance to see these plugins LIVE and in action – 

Join our YouTube Live Stream on March 23rd for a LIVE demonstration of Sound Particles’ Dynamic Panning Plugins with special guest Tony Joy. Plus, RSVP and watch the live stream for chances to win the Spatial Music Bundle, or Panner Collection!

Using Sound Particles Brightness Panner for Immersive mixing in Pro Tools

Dynamic Panning With Sound Particles LIVE

Thursday, March 23rd
at 11 AM PST

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Join us HERE on Thursday, March 23rd at 11 AM PDT and experience the Dynamic Panning Plugins of Sound Particles – LIVE!

The Immersive Toolkit For Your Mix

Sound Particles Spatial Music Bundle comes loaded with 5 time-saving plugins for Immersive workflows. No matter what your format – Stereo, Surround, Immersive, or Binaural – Sound Particles’ plugins are powerfully innovative tools that bring your tracks to life.

Mimic ensembles from solo sources with Density, effortlessly move object-based audio on your smartphone with Space Controller Studio, give your track vibe and pan  dynamically using Energy Panner or Brightness Panner and give your takes distance and depth with Air | Music Edition.

Learn more about these powerful plugins below.

Sound Particles Density Animation


With Density, instantly add layers of shimmering chorus, create lifelike doubles, and even pan realistic harmonies at a click of a button. Using granular technology, Sound Particles’ Density can be applied to vocals, strings, synths, and other instruments to instantly give your track a full-bodied sound.

Space Controller Studio

Tired of manually writing panning automation? With Space Controller, you can now connect your mobile device to your favorite DAW, use it as a movement reader, and effortlessly pan sounds to wherever you’re pointing.

Whether you’re an engineer mixing in Dolby Atmos or a musician who wants to add dimension to their music, Space Controller is the perfect tool for panning sounds in stereo, surround, and immersive formats. It’s as easy as point and shoot! From subtle movement to grand sweeps, you’ll have full control over your soundscapes like never before.

Energy Panner

Add dynamic depth to your mix with ease using Energy Panner. Use the intensity of a sound to control its panning without any additional routing. With Energy Panner, the intensity of your sound becomes the driving force behind its movement.

Whether making your drums dance to the beat or your synth notes move on attack, Energy Panner can effortlessly add an additional dimension to your audio, whether mixing in traditional stereo or immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos.

Brightness Panner

Brightness Panner makes it a breeze to create dynamic and engaging soundscapes. Apply movement to your sounds by using Brightness analysis to create intelligent panning that reacts to the pitch and timbre of an instrument or MIDI note. No matter where you are in the production process, Brightness Panner allows you to move sounds dynamically in any audio format.

Air | Music Edition

Does your track sound flat or artificial? Air | Music Edition can instantly breathe life into your audio by simulating air absorption and distance acoustics. Make your listener feel like they’re right there in the studio with this simple but effective plugin.

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