Getting Started With Dolby Atmos

Complex And Commercial Applications

In part two of Getting Started With Dolby Atmos, we covered the different ways in which you can invest in your immersive rig and how you can expand upon each one. Having a flexible, scalable, and modular system has proven to be the strength of working with an Avid-based Dolby Atmos rig.

Today we’re going to take a look at what’s possible when you push the limits of a production system to accommodate the most complex sessions imaginable.

One of the most significant benefits of building a Dolby Atmos rig based around an Avid system is that it’s extremely scalable. As we covered in our last blog, your Atmos rig can start small with just a pair of headphones and a Dolby Atmos Production Suite license.

What if you were to build an entire facility around industry-leading Avid hardware that allowed you to produce network-quality streaming features, podcasts, and movies en masse with efficiency and technological prowess?

The Westlake Pro Design Services Group recently completed the herculean task of designing and outfitting a brand-new facility for an enterprise client that needed the best of the best in gear, design, and integration.

Go Big Or Go Home

Featuring four identical mix rooms, multiple video editing suites, a podcasting studio, and a highly sophisticated IDF and machine room, this mammoth build relied on the connectivity and modular design of the Avid MTRX interface to be the backbone of the clients’ Pro Tools system and Dolby Atmos rig.

The 64-channel Dante-enabled interface is the crown jewel of the production world and can be modularly expanded to customize your Analog I/O. It also includes Pro | Mon 2, a massive 1,500-channel routing matrix that is optimized for multichannel formats like 64-channel immersive audio.

The mix rooms are fully equipped with Avid S6 control surfaces, Genelec monitors mounted with Triad-Orbit Precision SM-GP mounts, and loaded Avid MTRX interfaces complete with Dante, MADI, AES, SDI, and Digilink option cards. With multiple edit suites leaning heavily on the Avid S1’s fast and programmable tactile features, having an interface like MTRX that can handle high channel counts and provide pristine D/A conversion keeps things running smoothly throughout the production process.

The podcasting studio, respectively, was outfitted with the Avid S1 and Avid Dock to make recording and editing on the fly quick and intuitive. Tying these rooms together wasn’t easy, but the Westlake Pro Design Services Group made sure each studio had the I/O it needed to handle the various tasks at hand.

From huge post-production projects to podcasts, the Avid MTRX provided the foundation and environment for multiple immersive systems to coexist and share information freely.

A Format For All

With the technology quickly advancing and production work ripe for the picking, Dolby Atmos and immersive sound are at the forefront of the post-production and music industries. Much like when we all first found our way into the world of engineering, new tools or techniques can seem intimidating (and wildly unaffordable). Thankfully this new format is more accessible than ever, and easy to build upon.

These are some of the cornerstones that make Dolby Atmos such an exciting new production frontier. Change is the only constant in this world, and innovative solutions from Avid allow the Westlake Pro Design Services Group to keep you at the forefront of technology.

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