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Dialogue Cleanup Challenge! – Fixing Voiceover Recorded in a Bathroom with iZotope RX-8

Home Recording Space Not Ideal?

iZotope RX 8 makes it easy to clean up
even the worst voiceover recordings!

Since RX 8 has been released while the majority of us are still working from home, we thought we’d have a little fun and see just how powerful and easy to use its editing tools can be. So I recorded a snippet of voiceover material in my bathroom (echo central!) and cleaned it up — using mostly presets — in around ten minutes!

Key Takeaways for Clean Home Recordings

Easy Does It

Approach audio restoration with a delicate touch. If something’s going to need a lot of work, it’s usually better to let each tool do a little bit of work at a time. 

Not Sure? Dialogue Isolate!

I’ve found the Dialogue Isolate tool to be most effective at removing unwanted background noise while leaving the “good stuff” intact.

If you’d got a lot of cleaning up to do, try combining with Voice De-Noise with the latter module set to “Light Auto Denoising – Dialogue.”

Get It Right At The Source

As with any other type of recording, the best finished voiceover track will come from the best recording!

Take the time to set up some absorption — even something makeshift like blankets — and it will pay off tenfold during post-production. 

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