Westlake Pro Design Group

A recording studio is an instrument. It has to be tuned, it has to be maintained. The acoustics of a room affect all sound created in it. Likewise, the design of a control room will impact how you perceive your mix. We understand this and are here to help you bring your dream studio to life – from conception, through design and integration, and maintenance going forward. Regardless of style or genre, when the best in the business want to build a new studio, they call Westlake Pro.

We recognize that today’s audio production technology requires careful planning for the best possible results. With our team of experienced studio experts, you have Westlake Pro’s guarantee that you’ll be provided with the best technical solutions possible to serve your studio and budgetary needs.

The Technical Services department at Westlake Pro can provide studio design and consultation services for a wide variety of systems – from small music studios or editorial suites to large enterprise-level facilities. No task is too big or too small.