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Are you in the market for a new recording console and want an in-depth walkthrough from an expert? API offers virtual demonstrations on their highly coveted 1608-II and 2448 recording and mixing consoles. Visit one of our storefronts for a comprehensive virtual demo with an expert from API. Designed with the sonic excellence that users expect from API, the 1608-II and 2448 will enhance your studio’s workflow and provide that legendary API sound heard on thousands of records and counting. Are you feeling serious about making the jump to an API console? Schedule a demo with one of our professionals below, and we’ll get you the best price possible.

API 1608-II Recording and Mixing Console

Available in 16, 32, and 48 frame sizes, the 1608-II has a mic pre and equalizer on each channel and accepts API 500 series equalizers. The 1608-II has added valuable features for today’s engineers and producers, with 8 multitrack and auxiliary busses, 1 stereo bus, and 4 stereo returns that can be automated with multitrack or stereo bus assignment. 

API 2448 Recording and Mixing Console

Designed with the same standard of excellence as the 1608-II, API’s 2448 recording and mixing console adds more functionality and feature sets to power your studio’s creativity. Along with the mic pre and equalizers found on each channel, come dual inputs, allowing you to pan, solo, mute, safe, and flip with the turn of a small rotary fader. Furthermore, you have 56 channels available to send to the mix bus, all in a 24-channel frame. 

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