Turn-Key Console Sales + Integration

Which creative tools are right for your studio?

AMS Neve

Vintage Warmth + Modern Workflow

AMS Neve has remained at the forefront of recording innovation since its founding. The brand-new 8424 integrates your DAW and outboard gear flawlessly for an affordable price, while the Genesys Black is a full-on digitally controlled analog console, complete with 8 1073 channel strips. The BCM10/2 MKII is a rebirth of the renowned analog sidecar with potential as a studio centerpiece.

Automated Processes, Inc.

Clear, Punchy tone with intuitive automation


Derived from API’s Vision Automation System used extensively in the Vision, Legacy Plus and AXS consoles, API now offers optional Final Touch fader automation for the 1608-II and 2448 consoles. Final Touch automation combines system reliability, user flexibility and operational simplicity and offers a host of features found only in the most expensive and sophisticated console automation systems typically costing many times more. Consoles can be factory-fitted with Final Touch automation prior to delivery, and existing 1608-II consoles can be retrofitted with Final Touch automation.

Solid State Logic

Smooth, modern tone with daw control

Solid State Logic

As the latest in a long heritage of SSL studio mixing consoles, ORIGIN has traditional analoge studio workflow at its heart whilst providing the perfect partner for a modern DAW driven ‘hybrid’ production studio.

Avid Technology, Inc.

Intuitive immersive mixing workflows

Design the perfect mixing surface for your workflow. S6 is fully modular, enabling you to build your own system with Fader, Knob, Process, and Display Modules. With optional modules for surround and post mixing, you can configure the surface with the modules you need now to fit your budget, with room to expand in the future as your needs grow.

Why Buy Your Console from Westlake Pro?

Competitive Financing Offers

The obvious first hurdle for most clients who are considering a console-centric workflow is the cost barrier. Fortunately, we work with a number of top-rated lenders who offer a range of options for financing your console and integration purchase.

Right now you can defer your payments for up to 90 days on all console purchases—and even finance any associated labor costs!

We’re also able to split financing between lenders to take advantage of lower-limit options such as our 0% APR financing offer.

Lean On Our Partnerships

We maintain a close relationship with all major console brands, ensuring the best prices, support, and individual solutions for our clients. 

Whether you need a question answered quickly or want to have a certified expert visit your studio for training, we can call on our partners to help.

Turn-Key Console Integration

Our Studio Design Group has integrated consoles into an eclectic variety of workflows in studios all over the world. 

Installing a new console in any studio can present a daunting task, and no two studios are identical. Our goal for each console integration is to carefully prepare an integration plan for your space and have your new console wired and tested as quickly as possible—so you can get back to creating.

We offer a complete turn-key service, from initial concept to integrating your existing gear to that exciting first slide of a fader.

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